Doctor Who Episode Poems: Series 5

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 2 Sep 2014
  • Status: Complete
A book of Doctor Who poems, one for every episode! As asked for by you!


13. 13. The Big Bang



The Big Bang, Rory mourns, but the Doctor pops up with the Sonic Screw,

Rory gets him out the Pandorica, which bamboozles me and you.

He puts Amy in there, which will keep her alive to save the day,

It will bring her back when it gets some DNA.


The Lone Centurion, or Rory, decides to wait by her side,

Until Amelia touches it, and life inside Amy abides.

In the museum, Amy and Rory unite with a cry,

As the Doctor turns up to see his TARDIS burning in the sky.


The Doctor picks up River, wearing a fez,

River shoots it in the air, to give Amy some pres.

The Doctor has a plan restart the world,

Through the sky the Pandorica, flown by the Doctor curled.


The Pandorica has the image of the world, and it will be powered by his blue box,

Bringing back the universe's dust and rock.

Big Bang too, the Doctor bids Amy farewell,

Amy and Rory will forget him, with no story to tell.


Amy wakes on her wedding day, marries Rory but cries,

Her memories of her Raggedy Man, she can't hide.


With help from River, the days that never came but hopefully some new,

'Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE.'

She surprised him this time, happy and prancing,

But unfortunately, he only came for the dancing.


Mr and Mrs Pond and Doctor Who,

those three will stick together like glue.

On her wedding night Amy bids he Earth life goodbye,

As she leaves it to be with Rory and the Doctor, high and dry.


River also leaves her last riddle, as the three fly away,

To enjoy dreams, days, rags and custard everyday...

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