My life, Your story.

Amy Green, is 17 years old, she lives in a normal flat, in a normal world with normal people, this is until, she comes walking along a street... drunk, but in the corner of her eye she see's something red... something, that is beyond vocabulary. He was a boy, with blonde ruffled up hair, with also brown roots at the bottom, he had red eyes... BLOOD red eyes, and some ultra long teeth. he let out a husky voice saying"Amelia". And this was a beginning of a long, and incredible friendship with five, incredible boys.


2. Chapter 2

Amy's P.O.V.

I was slowly making my way out of Cara's house, it was getting out of control, everyone was drunk, (Including me...) and some, (I think) were taking drugs....

I wish I never came, I will definitely be grounded for more than 2 weeks, I sneeked out of the house to come, to what I thought was going to be the coolest party EVER, but this... this, is far from it!

"AAMMMYYY, where are yoouuu going?" I heard Cara slur out of her mouth.

I suddenly felt all eyes upon me.

"Um, I am, well, I need to go" I said barely audible.

"WHYYY" Cara voice closer now.

I was struggling of what I should say, "Umm, er, Family stuff, BYE"

I quickly ran out of the house incase anybody asked me yet another question.

It was very dark outside, the lights weren't on, as nobody around here bothers to put them on, you could hear the owls hooting and the making the bushes sway.

I was struggling to walk, I was mentally slapping myself as I stupidly drank.. A lot, I stil can't get over the flipping fact, that I, had placed  bet with Luce, that if I didn't drink wine and co, for one month I would get $100, I better start saving up my money.

I suddenly heard footsteps in front of me.

I looked up to see a dark figure there, suddenly a light switched on and I saw the figure.

He had bleach blonde hair, with brown roots

and had lovely see colored eyes.

I looked at the rest of his body, and all I could say was... fit fit fit fit

I looked at him again, this time he was looking at me, but his eyes were red...

"Amelia" He said in a very husky voice.





I was suddenly blacked out...


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