My life, Your story.

Amy Green, is 17 years old, she lives in a normal flat, in a normal world with normal people, this is until, she comes walking along a street... drunk, but in the corner of her eye she see's something red... something, that is beyond vocabulary. He was a boy, with blonde ruffled up hair, with also brown roots at the bottom, he had red eyes... BLOOD red eyes, and some ultra long teeth. he let out a husky voice saying"Amelia". And this was a beginning of a long, and incredible friendship with five, incredible boys.


1. Chapter 1

Hey, Trixie here, I hope you enjoy this story, This chapter is just meant to sum up everything, and (Hint, Hint) look at the past tense...



Niall's P.O.V.

She was so young, 17 I think, I promised her I would share this story to the world, she wanted people to know, that when life goes bad, there will ALWAYS be hope no matter what. I loved her dearly, we were matched up me and her, but her life ended so tragically, but I promised her in her last moments that I would share her story, her brave and unbeatable story, with five boys, and one girl. Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles and me Niall Horan, and not to forget Amy Green. I hope with what I tell you a spark of hope will appear and stay with you 'till the end, like it did with Amy. Enjoy this story, treasure it, admire it, as nothing can ever replace it.

It all started one drunk night.

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