Love Conquers Evil

Charlotte is your average girl. Her and her best friend Dakota are looking for romance this summer - but when Charlotte meets Zayn Malik, the temperamental boxer who sees her as eye candy what will happen? Zayn claims her as his even though she doesn't agree. Will Zayn snap on Charlotte? Will Charlotte actually fall for Zayn? Does Zayn have real feelings for Charlotte? Discover the adventures that the two of them go on together while facing the world.


2. Give It Back

Charlotte POV

I turn to see Zayn Malik standing less than a foot behind me, running his eyes over my face. "I didn't see you standing there," I reply, trying to look inside for Dakota. I feel uncomfortable in this situation.

"You saw me in the ring," He repeats.

"I was watching the fight. Big deal," I respond, looking to get away. He takes a step closer to me and I take a step back. 

"I hope you were cheering for me," He says. I analyze his eyes again and they are completely dark. 

But I find a new sense of strength and say, "And if I wasn't?"

He smiles and his posture relaxes. "Well aren't you fiesty," He chuckles.

"I have to go," I tell him and begin to move but he blocks my path. 

"You're really beautiful," He says, looking me up and down.

"Thanks. But I have to go now," I reply.

"Do you I scare you luv?" He asks, a smirk spreading across his face. 

"No," I lie, all of my confidence gone. I take out my phone and begin to send a text to Dakota, but he takes my phone from my hands. "Give it back," I command. He starts walking away and of course I follow him because he has my phone. 

"Calm down doll," He calls behind himself towards me. We walk through a set of doors and he opens another door, revealing a dressing room. "Go ahead and take a seat," He says.

"Give me my phone," I repeat.

"Seat," His eyes narrow. I sigh and sit down, allowing my eyes to roam. I find myself tracing the plains of Zayn's chest as he does something on my phone.

"What are you doing?" I complain, torn between angry, scared, and...special. 

"Sending a text to some girl named Dakota saying you met Zayn Malik and he's taking you out for coffee," He replies.

"Why?" I question.

"Because I'm taking you out for coffee," He says as if it's obvious. He walks over to a table that has a pair of clothes on it. He steps behind a clothing changer thing and reappears two minutes later with grey skinny jeans, a white V neck, and a jean jacket on. 

"Would you give me your phone?" I ask.

"Not yet," He answers.

"When?" I question.

"Once we have coffee," He replies.

"This is so unfair. Give me my phone!" I exclaim.

"I said not now damn it!" He yells. I shrink back, afraid to do anything. His expression softens, but he doesn't say anything. Zayn leads the way out to the parking lot in the back. He walks right up to a Black Bentley, similar to Dakota's and gets in the driver's seat. 

Wordlessly I get into the passenger seat and buckle up. It occurs to me that I've seen what he is capable of with Morgan and don't really want that to happen to me. Also, I realize that maybe if I just have the stupid coffee with him then he will give me my phone back and leave me alone. 

"I'm not going to hurt you luv. Relax," He says after a while.

"I don't appreciate being yelled at," I snap, not knowing what I'm doing. His fists clench on the steering wheel and he doesn't look at me. When we get to the coffee place he motions for me to wait and gets out. He walks around to my side and holds out a hand to help me climb out. I take it and pull myself out, but he doesn't release my hand once I'm out. Instead he holds it gently in his. 

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