adopted by one direction

Im Hailey I was a orphan until one day that changed my life forever


1. The Adaption

(Hailey POV)

I was in the adoption center I knew I was never going to be adopted so I helped with some of the chores I learned to cook it was like they adopted me but they didnt I was still out for adoption. One day I wake up get dress and look nice soon they callled us up I just frowned knowing they would pick one of the younger kids Im 11 no one wants me. Then the call my name I look up at the group I was being adopted. I was told to pack my things and I did. I said bye to all my friends and they gave my a looket for their pictures and grabbed the one of my parents and lef.t they came in a limo I was suprised i could tell they were famous they had the look and the limo said one direction so i kinda figured. I heard them on the radio before and they were good. Once we got to there place the blonde guy who was irish showed me to my room and he said his name was Niall. I put my case on the bed he took me downstairs to meet the rest of them "thats Zayn" he said pointing to the guy who had brown nicely down hair with a hint of blonde "thats Louis" he said pointing to the guy with the striped shirt "thats Harry" he said pointing to the curly haired guy "and thats Liam "he said pointing to the bald guy I stayed quiet I was shy until I got to know someone so I gave a small wave.

"whats your name love" Harry asked.

"Hailey" I said really quiet.

"dont be shy we wont hurt you" Liam said softly I wasnt trying its just how I was. Niall asked about the locket and told them how my dad lost his job and mom was still in colloge and couldnt care for me. I missed them. I was put up for adoption at 5 so I knew my parents.

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