The Kingdom of Garadeem

This is a story I wrote at school. It's about a prince who's on a quest to find a princess, enjoy :]


1. Prologue

The kingdom of Garadeem is very far away and is a land of magic, unicorns, dragons and more amazing creatures than you could ever imagine. For many years it had been ruled by the wise King Simeon. The king had one child, Prince Rupert, who was just like his father and who was adored by everyone in the kingdom. Prince Rupert was kind, clever and brave. However he had no princess. So, one day, Prince Rupert announced to the kingdom that the time had come for him to go on a quest. He must find a girl to make his bride. He packed his bags, saddled his horse and set off on his great adventure.

However, just a short time after he had left, his father the king became very ill. Men were sent after the prince to bring him home to his dying father but they could not find him. It was a sad day when the king breathed his last breath, especially because the prince could be found. Because the prince was away, the king's cousin Walter was made king instead. Walter was a selfish, slimy little man and all the people in the village were very scared now that he was king. They needed Prince Rupert, but where was he and when would he return.

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