To Quentin


1. To Quentin

i’m stuck in a fan can’t get

it’s spinning

pencils spin write on

my arms flail twitch drop

sound & fury

thank you Quentin I love you

inspire me with those nine

pound metal somethings wrapped

i’m stuck in a fan i

spinning with

                                pencils writing

my arms i can’t erase them rough strokes their bleeding i love Caddy

like you do but i’m not her brother

Quentin               Quentin                               Quentin

you no

maybe the metal somethings

inspire me in the water not the

                                pencils because

they brought you down


down into the deep encumbered by

off a bridge thick

thick so thick and heavy the foam

gradually        lover             Quentin

take me with you to the bottom

Faulkner was an alcoholic like

the pencils cut my wrists deep because

                all my knives are dull from scraping stones

Quentin               i love                     Caddy

promiscuity    li

centious like

stuck in a fan spinning chaotic i am a blade

but all My blades are dull the other

blades in this fan are pencils spinning tracing

spider-web futures on my wrists in my own

help me choose one Quentin you’d know

my future is water like you an

insatiable                             insatiable




spider web futures branching out

me at the center contemplating confusion

spinning in a fan of

idolizing Quentin Compson i

driving himself mad

can’t take it on the surface

Life is so much shorter underwater.

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