Second Skin

(Might change the title....not really liking it much)

When Kendra goes on vacation with her friend Erica, she meets the glamorous, Nick Jonas. But when her life is drastically different from hers, will Kendra be able to keep up?


1. Drunk Again...

I hastily chased after Erica, who, after a few shots of hard liquor, was incredibly drunk.  I sighed, knowing I wasn't able to catch her in heels, and kicked them off, not caring if I was in a club or not.  "Kendra!  I found you a boyfriend!" Erica screamed, running towards me, another drink in her hand.  She extended her hands and shoved me, laughing obnoxiously as I fell onto the person behind her and onto the floor.  "Holy shit! ERICA! Oh my god I'm so sorry," I apologized, getting up and turning around to see the person whom I collided with.  There was a man, small, neat curls resting upon his head and his black button down exposing the few chest hairs that popped through.  I instantly felt my stomach drop as I began to realize who it was, "No it's fine...I've fallen on my ass before," Nick joked,  his small signature grin appearing across his face.  He turned to Erica who had already moved on, flirting with the giant body gaurds behind her.  "Listen, I'm sorry for bumping into you, my friend....well she's shit faced at the moment, thats the only excuse I got for crashing into you," I joked, slipping my heels back on and crossing my arms.  The guilt rose up inside of me, my anxiety now effecting my confidence as I thought of how much I wanted to tell Nick that I had always been a fan.  "What's your name?" Nick asked, taking my arm and pulling me aside, leaning against the bar and ordering two dolce de leches.  "My name is Kendra," I stuttered, taking a sip of my drink, letting the sweet alcohol glide down my throat and course through my body.  "Nice to meet you Kendra, So are you on vacation?" Nick asked, taking a sip of his drink as well.  I nodded, "Kind friend brought me here while her father has meetings to attend to.  She thought it would be a great opportunity to take me somewhere I've never been...hence, Havana," I smiled.  Nick grinned, "Well, where are you actually from?" he asked, ordering another drink.  I blushed, the drink now buzzing through my system, "Well...I live in Rhode Island," I stuttered again, embarrassed.  I loved my hometown but often when I explained to outsiders where Rhode Island was, they usually assumed it's either an actual island, part of Massachusetts, or part of Connecticut.  And usually when given the option to visit Rhode Island, they are usually disappointed, thinking this "island" would be something like Block Island.  The shitty economy and the low income towns and cities was what really drew people away.  " you live anywhere near Providence or..?" he asked, more interested now.  I smiled at him, shaking my head, "No...I live in Jamestown, which is like 30 minutes from Providence," I explained.  Nick nodded, placing down a 50 on the counter before turning back to her.  The music slowed down and became somewhat quiet as the crazed dancers moved off the floor and flooded to the bar to grab drinks.  "Wanna dance?" Nick asked, standing up and offering his hand to me, grinning softly. I blushed, putting down my drink and took his hand, walking towards the floor and gently resting my hands on his shoulders while his rested on my lower back.  We both swayed gently to the music, a sort of lullaby to my ears as I rested my head on his chest, listening to his heart almost as if in time with the music.  "Excuse me, Miss?" asked a burly man, his spanish accent just as thick as the mustache that was across his upper lip.  "Yes?" I asked, pulling away from Nick slightly.  "Your friend?  Um she is outside, we had to escort her off the premises, we suggest you go with," he explained, crossing his arms and nodding.  I rolled my eyes and nodded, "Leave it to Erica to get us kicked out.  It was nice meeting you Nick..." I whispered, her face red with embarrassment for the second time in one night.  "," he smiled, taking her phone from her purse and adding his number into the contacts.  "Text me?  Just want to make sure you get back safely," he smiled.  I nodded and kissed his cheek softly before grabbing my things and walking out of the bar, my head swimming with the after effects of the alcohol and my encounter with a Jonas...

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