Your my dream Volume 2 "Am I her knight?"

My life. My way. Who cares if she rejected me. But I can't stop thinking about her. A few minutes ago she was on my chest hearing my heart beat so loud because she was close to me. I wonder what is going through her head. Hi, I am Justin Bieber. I am going to find out why this girl,Cathy Morris doesn't love me anymore and I will get her to love me for who I am. And she will give me an explanation why she doesn't love me. But, if it never works out...should i give my heart to Lindsey?


2. Is it true?

"Um I am so sorry but I am really late I can explain over coffee at 3..Bye!" I said fast while going over 40 miles to my job interview. 

My job interview SUCKED. I couldn't stop thinking about Cathy and I forgot my papers at home. Also, it was my last chance to actually get in on time but I blew it off. I KNOW I wont get the job. After my job interview, I headed to the coffee shop. I waited ten minutes for her. But then she walked in. Her face was looking down to the wooden floor of Starbucks, she was wearing a pink ruffled dress, her eye had a sparkle that made her dimples stand out, her hair was damp but she styled it with a salmon colored clip, and she walked slow and did a slight cat walk with her wedges. She went up to the counter ordering a french vanilla cappuchino with 2 packs of sugar, vanilla syrup, french vanilla cream, chocolate powder, vanilla powder, and whip cream. I didn't understand how she was NOT fat. Then I remembered that I wanted coffee too. I stood behind her and after she went to the table I was at before she just waited. "Um, decaf with one pack of sugar, and regular milk, Thanks." After the man in the Starbucks shirt gave me my coffee I headed to our table. "Ew how can you drink that." she says while her hand are cuffed around her hot cappuchino. "I don't like a lot of sugar or caffeine." I say. "I like sweet. It makes me nicer." she says. "Yay I'm lucky." I whisper to myself. "Oh yeah i am so sorry. I was late for my job interview and that was my last chance. But you should be happy I know I didn't get the job." I say. "How do you know?" she asks. "Well, I forgot my papers, it was my last chance NOT to get late and I did, and also I was so distracted about the car thing I couldn't even speak."  I say. "Well, if you work on you're timing maybe you could go to sleep earlier, wake up earlier, and know when a stop light comes on." She says. "Yeah, But lets change the subject. Um what's your name?" I say. "Cathy Morris, You?" she says. "Justin Bieber" I say. She looked at me in shock her mouth almost dropped. "Oh look at the time I have to go, bye." She says. "Hey um maybe we can hang out tomorrow." I say. "Um sure I am heading to the park for a small picnic tomorrow. Here is my number." she says. I headed home. When I headed I didn't even bother to take off my suit. I was looking at the number and I did some sort of happy dance and I was singing. "I got her number oo oo I got her number oo I got her digits yeaaahhhh WOOOHHH!" I love my life so far... 

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