Your my dream Volume 2 "Am I her knight?"

My life. My way. Who cares if she rejected me. But I can't stop thinking about her. A few minutes ago she was on my chest hearing my heart beat so loud because she was close to me. I wonder what is going through her head. Hi, I am Justin Bieber. I am going to find out why this girl,Cathy Morris doesn't love me anymore and I will get her to love me for who I am. And she will give me an explanation why she doesn't love me. But, if it never works out...should i give my heart to Lindsey?


3. Bad, Perfect, Slowly getting worse?

After singing my abnormal song I heard my phone ring. "Hello?" I say. "Hi sweetie!" my mother says. "Hi mom" I say. "Sweetie you need to get here fast! Lindsey's family is coming here to see you!" she says. "Ugh but mom!" I say. "You get here fast and wear a suit! And why are you whining? Lindsey is your girlfriend!" she says. "Mom I had a long day! And I wouldn't call her my girlfriend if I was forced to ask her out." I say. "Watch it, mister! You better come here with at least a suit on! If we get close with their family and give their daughter her dream boyfriend we can get a big loan!" she says. "Mom you know i have a lot of money why don't you just live with me?" I say. "Sweetie you're an adult. I am not supposed to live with you!" she says. "Mom its not like I always have company over anyway." I say. "Well I don't need to live with you. You have a job to take care of me and your self." she says. "Mom?" I say. "Yes my baby?" she says. "I got laid off and um I went to a job interview." I say hesitantly. "What?! Well at least you went to a job interview." she says. "I didn't get it. I was late three times. And today was my last chance but I got late again i forgot the papers at home." I say. "Unbelievable! You are a fully grown man! You  are supposed use your responsibility and not waste it! I let you to live on your own so you can see the real world! And I should've known you were not seeing the real world of adulthood and wasting your time playing video games like a kid!" she says. "Mom I can do this. I just need to fix my figure. I promise you, Ma. You don't that family to do anything for you. I can do it. Please just give me a chance." I say. "Too late sweetie. But i have to go um I got to fix up some steak and salad. Be here by an hour." she says. "Mom you're hurting yourself. You don't need this I can fi-" I say while I got interrupted by the phone be hung up. I always worry about my mom. She needs that family and she just doesn't trust me. But whatever. She doesn't need me. I guess I should get ready to impress my "girlfriend".  

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