Like a Cannonball

Elizabeth "Lizzie" Amelia Edwards is a ballet dancer. She train almost everyday if she's not at school. What will happen when a memory from the past comes back to her? What happen when her sister introduces her to a certain boy band star? Has this boy band star something with her memory to do?


1. Prolouge

Tiny feet were running fast towards the playground. Her new, baby pink, ballerina shoes was washed just this morning and now the little girl wanted to show them to everybody. What she didn’t see was the stone in the middle of the road. She was running right into the stone and got a graze on her knee. The blood dripped down on her shoes and tears started running down her cheeks. She heard a raspy, sweet voice talking to her.


“Do you need some help with that?” it said. A cute little boy appeared in her sight as he held his hand out to help the girl. “Yes, thank you.” She said and took the hand. “I live just five minutes from here. Why don’t we go home to me and fix it up?” He said and started walking with the shy girl right behind him.


They reached his house and the boy walked in. The shy girl stood outside at the porch and waited to be invited in. “You don’t have to wait there darling. Just come in.” A lovely woman said and reached for her hand. “Des!” The woman shouted.


The girl and woman hear footsteps coming from the kitchen. “What is it, Anne?” A man asked and a head popped out of nowhere. The little girl screamed and jumped a little. “Could you make some hot chocolate and brownie? This little girl fell and scratched her knee.” Anne said.


Anne cleaned up the wound and they went out to eat brownies. “What’s your name, Darling?” Anne asked gently. “Elizabeth Amelia Edwards. But you can call me Lizzie.” The little girl said. “I’m Harry.” The boy said and smiled.

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