Sometimes you have to forget.

Imagine every day you wake up go to school and then go home, it's the same everyday so you can imagine that when Leah goes to a house party and meets Justin that she welcomes the change he brings. But what she doesn't know is that he is living a lie. Can Leah change him before she gets into danger
But still just as gorgeous



  We arrived at the party and there were at least 150 people already there. We both grabbed a beer and I hoped to myself that I wouldn't see Freddie. "HEEY GIRLS YOU CAME!" Oh great it was Freddie and he was coming this way. He came straight up to me and hugged me a little too tightly, I could smell alcohol in his breath... He was drunk. I quickly returned the hug and grabbed Amber and Poppy and walked into the living room where there was the most people in. After dancing for what seemed like hours Amber had gone off with Liam the guy she had fancied for ages and Poppy told me she was going to find her boyfriend Jack. I was very hot so I decided to go outside. It was midnight now and the cool air was very refreshing. It was pitch black and I sensed someone else was there. Suddenly someone grabbed me from behind, "heey gorgeous didn't think you'd come and find me" Freddie exclaimed. I knew he was absolutely wasted so I didn't argue that I didn't want to find him I was actually avoiding him. He grabbed my waist and started kissing me, it felt so wrong so I tried to pull him off me, he just held me tighter and his hands touched all of my body. He started to pull up my skirt and I knew what he wanted... Exactly what I didn't want. He started pulling his trousers off and I knew how aggressive he could get when he's drunk so I had to just let it happen. He was inches away from me when he suddenly fell to the floor. I was aware that someone else was there and had punched him, "run Leah" the voice instructed, I wanted so bad to run and hide away forever but the voice was so soft and angelic that I didn't know what to do. After what seemed like 5 minutes I could hear Freddie moaning on the floor, and the stranger grabbed my hand "come on let's get you cleaned up inside" he started pulling me. I felt so safe with him and I didn't even know his name!

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