Bad Girl

Everybody found her mysterious. Every boy chassed after her. Becca is your normal teen. Rebel, care-free girl who would party all night, and end up in a bed with a stranger. after her parents die, she finds herself in London, UK and suddenly, 5 boys are attrackted to her. one of them,espicially catches her eye.


14. Conversation.


My room was dark, alone and soundless. Well, except for me sobbing for hours. My door was locked and i wanted it to be that way. Melina  knocked on my door countless times and i told her to go away. I hadnt spoken to anyone in days.  And i hadnt eaten much. The boys never came back to my place. Nor did they visit me, as if i expected them to do that. I hurt their best friend. Their " mate " or " lad " or whatever.  

Someone knocked on my door. 

" What now Melina? " i say in my raspy voice.

" Its not Melina. Its Louis. Open up, yeah? " says Louis.

What? Why is Louis here? What would he want to speak to me. I've hurt him enough. I was stupid to go in Zayn's room.  I didnt want him to see me. I was a mess. Dried tears i never cleaned, 10 empty boxes of tishue layed on the floor, my makeup was smudged, and my cuts. He couldnt see me like this. Nor did he expect that i looked like this.

" No. I dont want to hurt you. " i say in a whisper.

" Just, open up. Please " 

I walk to my door. Once Louis hears the click that he can open my door, it slammed opened. I was frightened of course. He grabbed me in a hug.  I hugged him back, crying. I clung to him. I missed him so much. Louis walked over and opened the light. He saw me, and let me go.

" Becca, oh my god. I missed you. Im sorry."

" Why should you-uu be sorry Lo-Louis? Im the one who hurt youuu" i cried.

Louis wiped my tears and we sat on my bed. We faced each other in an indian style. We never spoke a word. We looked at each other. I was obviously hidding my cuts. I didnt want Louis to see them. It would hurt him. I already got him back, i dont want to lose him again. I sighed. I guess i was the one who had to start explaining.

" Louis.... That night, i dont know what came to me. I guess, i wanted to do that with Zayn. But i knew i shouldnt have. It was a mistake. I hurt you. A lot. And i never meant to do that. I mean, look at me, im a mess. Why would you want to go out with a girl like me? I shouldve just tole you i wanted to be single. I mean, the past few days, i havent spoken to anyone, i didnt eat, i cried and i c- i mean i missed everyone. I knew everybody would hate me. Im sorry Louis. " i say.

Whew, i almost told him i cut myself. He couldnt know. Nobody could or should know. It would be better for them and for me.

" I wanted to apoligize too. I knew it wouldve been hard to keep a relationship with you. I just wanted to try. I knew something was going on between you and Zayn. He seemed pretty upset. We dont hate you, you know. I totally understand the fact that you want to be single you know. But, one question, what do you mean you c-? "

I looked at Louis, then down to my hands. He must know. I cant let him know.  I looked back at him. I had to find a lie, and quick! Think, i thought.

" I wanted to tell you that i cared to much about you, and i didnt want to lose you."

* Cough Cough * liar. Louis seemed to buy it. We layed down on my bed and Louis started singing:

If i dont say this now, i will surely break, 

As Im leaving, the one i want to take

Forget the urgency but hurry up and wait


My heart has started to seperate   Oh, oh  Be my baby Ohhhhh Oh, oh Be my baby, I'll look after you.   There now, steady love, so few come and dont go Will you wont you, be the one I'll always know When im losing my control, the city spins around, Youre the only one who know, you slow it down.   Oh, oh Be my baby, Ohhhhh Oh, oh  Be my baby, I'll look after you.   If there ever was a doubt My love she leans into me  This most assuredly counts She says most assuredly   Oh, oh Be my baby, Ohhhhh Oh, oh  Be my baby, And I'll look after you.   Its always have and never told, Youve begun to feel like home, What's mine is yours to leave or take, What's mine is yours to make your own.   Oh, oh Be my baby, Ohhhhh Oh, oh Be my baby, I'll look after you.   You are so beautiful to me Ohh You are so beautiful to me.   And with that, we both fell asleep. man, Louis can really sing.  



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