Bad Girl

Everybody found her mysterious. Every boy chassed after her. Becca is your normal teen. Rebel, care-free girl who would party all night, and end up in a bed with a stranger. after her parents die, she finds herself in London, UK and suddenly, 5 boys are attrackted to her. one of them,espicially catches her eye.


12. confessions.


The room, was quiet. I look at Harry. What does he mean he wants to confess something. Its not like he did anything wrong! I mean, honestly Harry, if your trying to cover up for someone, it aint working.


We all looked at Harry. He just looked at each of us. Was he scared of telling us? Pick up the past Harry.

" Um, 3 nights ago, was when Niall got hurt right?" Harry asked.

I nodded and Harry continued.

" Well, i-i was the one who c-cut Niall" he stutters. " Im.. Im sorry! I mean i just got jealous of Niall. I mean i would never do such a thing. It just, i just did it. Niall im sorry mate. I didnt mean to cause you to faint and lose a bit of blood. Becca, im sorry that i scared the living shit out of you when you saw Niall. I mean i was hiding. I wasnt spying or anything.  I just wished that i took you to the movies and that i was close to you and having fun with you."


I backed away. It was Harry. Harry Edward Styles who hurt one of his best mates. Why would he do that? I mean c'mon. What came to his head.  I shook my head. I couldnt believe it. I bit my lip. I mean he hurt one of my friends. My friend hurt another friend of mine. Zayn, Liam and Niall just looked at Harry, shocked. I mean, who wouldnt be? Louis had his attention on me. He got up and walked over to me. He shot a glare at Harry. Harry looked like a mess. He was trying not to cry.  

Im sorry, he mouthed to me.

I looked at him and walked out of Niall's room. Niall was in the hospital, because of Harry! Holy shit. I care so much about all of them, but i mean. Really Harry? Ugh. Louis was next to me and i litterly yelled when he put his arm around my waist. He looked at me, sad and confused. We both walked out and i sat down on the nearest bench. I couldnt help the tears. My friend Niall, was injured, by Harry, my other friend.

" Its ok Becca, Harry is always jealous. " Louis whispered.

I hugged him. He gave me the best hug ever and pulled away. I looked at those eyes of his. I smiled and pulled my knees up to my chest.

" I mean, Harry is my friend and so is Niall. So My friend got injured by my friend." i say quietly.

" I know." louis says.

I think he was hurt as much as i was. Harry is his bestfriend and Niall and Louis are close. It must have been harder for him to handle. I mean, he didnt cry or anything, but you could see hurt written all over his face. The glare, Louis shot to Harry, was hurtfull but he showed that Louis was disappointed. I wish i could just stop time, rewind and tell Niall to wait a little until we got to his place. It partly my fault.

" Becca, i um, i need to tell you something" Louis says pulling me out of my thoughts.

I looked at him. Waiting. He smiled and looked down. I swear his cheeks were pink. Aww that is so cute! Louis looked back up to me and he takes my hand. I pray to god i hope this is something positive.

" I've liked you, since Harry showed me and the boys, that gorgeous looking girl walking outside. And that was you. I hope you feel the same way. Um do you want to be my girlfriend?"

" Louis, i like you too. No duh i want to be your girlfriend!" i say.

Man, i just forgot everything that happened. Ya i know i said i was going to be single, but Louis, is just... you know he's just Louis. We sat on that bench and just thought about whatever. We both had silly grins on our faces.

" Becca, can i kiss you?" Louis asks.

" Louis, you know you can kiss me. What kind of question-"

" Its because, when we kiss, its rushed... so i want to take it slow." louis says.

He slowly leans in and grabs my face. His lips, reach mine and in a matter of time, his tongue slips in. I fight for dominance, even though Louis is winning. My hands slip up and plays with his hair.  Butterflies builded up in my stomach. I couldnt help but smile when we pulled away.

" Thats what i've wanted to do for a while." Louis says.

I hug him and we walk back inside to see a crying Harry and Niall and zany and Liam just looking desperate.

Welcome back to reality, i tell myself.

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