Time-Crossed Forbidden Love

Noel, a teenage boy born in a time of turmoil and destruction. With hardly no life in his time, he was forced to go back to the past to create a future worth living in. Forbidden to stay, he neglects his mission and falls in love with Sarah, a girl from the year 2012. Unfortunately for Noel, she is a vampire, at first glance she hungers for his blood but refuses because he is unfamiliar to her.


2. Noel's Untimely Situation

Not knowing what time his brother Auron had sent him to, coming out of the time loop, Noel's ship crashed into a girl. The girl rolled with the ship as if it was running speedbumps. When the ship had finally stopped rolling, it was lying on its side and the latch stuck with no way out for Noel. The girl sat up and walked to the window, punched through it, and grabbed Noel by the collar, and yelled at him. "Holy shit, do you not know how to drive and where the hell did you come from?!!! I was freaking hunting a mountain lion!!!" Noel began to cry and as much as the girl wanted to keep yelling, she couldn't help but feel sympathetic for him. Noel wiped his tears and started walking endlessly as the mysterious girl became curious and followed him. After walking a few miles moping and quietly crying, he sat down on the side of the road. He went off the road and into the woodlines and built a little campfire and layed down to sleep. The girl jumped into a nearby tree and watched Noel as he fell asleep and begin to cry in his sleep. She thought to herself for a few minutes and decided to watch over him until morning. As morning arrived, the mysterious girl thought to herself again to stay with Noel for further protection. Noel finally woke up and the girl jumped down from the tree and scared him enough to make him squeal. She laughed outrageously as hes gave her a snirky grumpy look squinting his eyes,nose, and mouth together.
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