Time-Crossed Forbidden Love

Noel, a teenage boy born in a time of turmoil and destruction. With hardly no life in his time, he was forced to go back to the past to create a future worth living in. Forbidden to stay, he neglects his mission and falls in love with Sarah, a girl from the year 2012. Unfortunately for Noel, she is a vampire, at first glance she hungers for his blood but refuses because he is unfamiliar to her.


1. Noel's Unfortunate Decision

A boy named Noel was born and raised in a time of turmoil in the year 2045. Noel lived in a deserted land that was pillaged by bandits that wandered the planes every so often for resources.  His two sisters and mother was taken for reasons he did not know, with him being alone with his older brother. They loved to build weapons to defend themselves but knew that it won't last long with the limited resources they have, so his older brother Auron, decided to build a time machine. After scouring for resources for a couple of months to build the machine, upon completion of the time machine, the bandits came again for what ever resources they had left. 

        Auron yelled at Noel as the machine started up "whatever you do brother, do not stay too long, it only have enough juice to go and come back once, and don't mess it up over some chick either!"

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