Beauty And A Beat

Melanie Hughes is 17 year old girl that lives in Washington, she goes to Mount Rainier Highschool and she's always have been a sweet girly girl with nice friends. and good grades, but she'll stand up for herself if she has too. When wild bad boy Justin Bieber is her partner for a project everything changes..


4. Progress

Melanie's POV

I walked outside to the parking lot and saw Justin walking after me. I stopped and looked at him. "What?" he said "So, you take your car, I take my car and just follow me to my house. Ok?" "Okay," he said. We both got on our cars and drove to my house. Once we were there I got my key & unlocked the door.

Justin's POV

Wow, she really stood up for herself today when I called her lame, maybe she's not lame. I followed her to her house. When we got in it was a pretty decent house. No one was home. I decided to follow her into her room upstairs. I just stood by the door. "Welllll, are you coming in or?" she said I walked in and sat on her bed. I saw a acoustic guitar. I didn't know she played guitar. "You play?" I said picking it up. "No, actually it was my fathers." she said looking down. I quickly put the guitar down in it's place. "No, it's fine. You can play." she said giving me a little smile. We both sat on her bed. She wasn't lame at all.  I started quietly singing the beginning of Take You: 

Hey what's the situation, I'm just trynna make a little conversation

Why the hesitation, tell me what your name is for your information

Don't get me wrong, you know you're right, don't be so cold

we could be fire 

Then I stopped, she smiled. "You're a great singer, and can really play the acoustic guitar well."

"Thanks Melanie." I said running my hands threw my hair. "Lets start on the project." she said grabbing her backpack. I grabbed mine and we sat on the floor after reading about South America for abut 30 minutes I said "I know we don't even know eachother, but I just assumed you were lame because you made me late to class... and you didn't go head over heels for me like other girls... and I never see you around school. But none of it's true you seem pretty cool." I said trying to be nice. "It's fine, I mean yeah we don't even really know eachother.. haha, sorry for calling you a stupid jerk." she smiled while looking down. "It's okay, I can be a stupid jerk at times." She started laughing and nodded. "You didn't have to agree!" I said laughing. We took notes on South America and read some more. It was 1:15pm. "We made alot of  progress today Justin!" she said standing up. "Yeah we did, I should go now." I grabbed my jacket and backpack and walked downstairs. Melanie walked after me. "Bye." she said closing her front door. 

Melanie's POV

I walked Justin to the front door and said bye after studying for a while, we really did make lots of progress. I'm glad. Justin actually seems like a decent guy, and not the stupid jerk who can get any girl just by smiling at them. I sighed and went into my room, I plopped onto my bed. 

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