Love, The Strongest Bond

Mason is a gay teen, high school is hard enough without being gay and crushing on one of the hottest, straight guys in the school, Justin. Justin pretty much knows that Mason likes him, its pretty obvious, but when one day he completely ignores him, Mason takes matters in his own hands, what will happen to Justin and Mason, with they stay friends, maybe more? Read to find out more.


1. Love, The Strongest Bond

The first chapter of Love, The Strongest Bond

(Mason's POV)

I'm sitting here bored like always in my English Class deep in thought. All of a sudden my teacher comes and slams a big textbook on my desk (ughh here it goes). I flinch, "what was that for?!?" Ms.Hansen says, "well maybe if you weren't day dreaming it wouldn't have happened." "Whatever" I turn pretending to pay attention, when in the hell am I gonna have to know the difference between prepositions and gerunds.

A couple minutes later and I hear a knock at the door and I get up to answer it, anything to get away from learning. That's when he walks through, Justin, I've crushed on him for like all of high school. He has black hair, Hazel eyes, a nice, fit body, a piercing on his eyebrow and lip, and the most adorable personality ever, he could comfortably talk to everyone in the WHOLE school.

He walks past me and asks Ms.Earp for the work that he missed last Friday. When he walks back to leave I give him a quick smile, and then he gives me the most beautiful, sexy smile you could ever see. I literally melted in my seat, again I resumed my day dreaming. What seemed like hours later the bell finally rang, I was the first to leave lol.

"OH MY GOSH!!!!" I yelled running to my best friend/baby daddy (not really) Aidee. She's, short, quick tempered, has brown hair, brown eyes, and is a little spit fire but I love her to death... she was there when I came out as gay. Aidee says," you have that face... what happened?", "he smiled at me, he actually noticed me!!" I said jumping up and down.

She fake faints dramatic as always, she imitates how she thinks I would act. Imitating my voice "oh Justin , I want you, just let me kiss you" *kissy noises* "Shut up, I know everyone knows I'm gay but I don't want them to tell Justin!!" Just then the bell rings and that means lunch has started. We walk into the line to get the stuff they call school food ughh, then we pay and walk over to our table where we meet our little group of friends. Sitting at the table are Darlene, Tato'i, Luke who is also friends with Justin, and Yasmeen, Me and Aidee go to sit down, I sit next to Tato'i and she sits next to Luke.

Tato'i says, "so how was every ones day". Everyone says good in unison just like we do everyday. I notice that Luke is staring at Aidee, and I laugh, nudging Tato'i I nod over to them and she cracks up. We laugh because everyone in the table knows that they've liked each other since freshman year 2 years ago, only that they are two big babies to do anything. I always tell him that Aidee likes him but he thinks I'm messing with him, the same thing with her. So i just sigh (I'll just try later.. again), that's when I see Justin. He sitting with all of the basketball team, all his friends, and other people that don't like me. He's laughing with all his friends and he's eating, he even chews perfectly. Anyways, I know in my mind that its waste of time because he's straight I know for a fact because he had a 6 month relationship with the devil herself Bianca.

I continue to stare at him, taking in his beautiful eyes, that's when they meet mine and I feel butterflies. While the short moment we share a glance, one of the fake people at his table throws a open juice carton at me from across the cafeteria, I didn't have enough time to dodge it because I was distracted by Justin, and it stains my white skinny jeans. The whole cafeteria erupts with laughter.

I run to my locker to get clothes, I don't want anyone else to see me. Behind me I hear running footsteps, its probably just Aidee to see if I'm okay. I don't slow down because I don't want to take the risk of anyone else seeing me. When I pull out my extra pair of clothes I turn around to see a pair of gorgeous hazel eyes, with eyebrows scrunched up in concern. "Jason, what are you doing here" I say my voice a little shaky. "I just wanted to see if you were okay, what Jacob did back there was a dick move, I'm so sorry".... he rambles. I cut him off by saying " its fine, I'm fine i just need to change so.. "okay well are you sure you don't need anything, anything at all" he says following me into the boys bathroom, he probably just feels bad. "No I don't need anything but thanks for asking" I walk into the stall and close the door, putting on my clothes, I expect him to leave but I never here the door close. So I walk out and look in the mirror inspecting my self with Justin beside me, he fixes his hair. While he's distracted I take the chance to look at him a little longer than I should have, he laughs, he caught me red handed. "Well I am truly sorry that Jacob did that I never liked him much, hey why don't you come over to my house on tomorrow around 3:00, me and Luke are gonna watch the big basketball game" I'm a little hesitant but eventually I give in and say yes, I hate sports with a passion but, I'll do anything for Justin, I'm such a pushover.

We exit the bathroom and walk over to my locker to put away my clothes, and then we make our way to the cafeteria. I brace myself for the laughter of all the hoes at my school. When we walk in I walk with pride not paying attention to all the dumb comments from various people and plop down next to Tato'i. Justin goes back to his table and gives my one last look of what I take as another apology. Everyone stares at me, "What!?!?" Darlene says" come on we all know that you are obsessed with Justin, and we all just saw him run after you when you ran out." "Well nothing happened I ran to my locker to get some spare clothes, I thought it was Aidee that was behind me and I turn around and its him, so he says sorry and follows me in the bathroom" ,"ooohh what happened in there" says Aidee. "Nothing I just went in the stall to change and I came out and he was fixing his hair and he caught me staring at him, so embarrassing, then he just asked me if I wanted to go with you, Luke, and him to his house tomorrow to watch the basketball game." Tato'i says "but you hate sports" "so what does that matter I'm gonna be with Justin." Everyone just shrugs and and I smile to myself.

The next three periods went by super slow with no mind blowing events just same old school. When last period Biology came along I was excited because Aidee was gonna sleep over tonight yay, we always stay up until 2 in the AM, eat sooo much junk food, and dance and listen to music way too loud. Last time my mom came in at 12:00 and yelled at us lol. But today was great because she could help me pick out the perfect clothes for my little "imaginary" date tomorrow. When the end of the day bell rings at 2:10 I jump out of my seat and wait for Aidee and Tato'i to come down the stairs of the Science building. They always take forever, slow pokes, so I softly sing I care by Beyonce, my Idol. Then I see them and I jump up and down being over dramatic because I'm such a girl.

Me and Aidee walk down the street talking gossip, "So whats up with you and Luke huh?" Aidee says "nothing like I said he doesn't like me, your wasting your time." "Well if you would put yourself out there he would ask you out, I already told he like you and I have said the same to him you guys just don't listen" I say from the frustration of trying to get these two dummies together! After that little stupid argument, we dropped it all together as we made it to my house. We say hi to my mother when we walk in to the door she always loved Aidee, we raid the refrigerator and dash up to my room upstairs. We close the door to muffle all the laughter and noise that's soon to come. We talk for hours about mindless gossip, listen to Beyonce's Who Run The World (Girls), Jessie J, The Cab, and Mariah Carey, she doesn't like most of my music but I make her dance anyway. She can dance but she gets shy in front of other people. Eventually we are really tired we change and then crash on my bed its like 2:00 AM. I listen to the deep breathing of Aidee, and think about the day I'm gonna have tomorrow with Luke and Justin. I eventually fall in to a deep, happy dream.

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