Love, The Strongest Bond

Mason is a gay teen, high school is hard enough without being gay and crushing on one of the hottest, straight guys in the school, Justin. Justin pretty much knows that Mason likes him, its pretty obvious, but when one day he completely ignores him, Mason takes matters in his own hands, what will happen to Justin and Mason, with they stay friends, maybe more? Read to find out more.


3. He's Avoiding Me, Or Something

You guys haven't commented :( Oh well I love writing this story, but your comments would be much appreciated. Thanks ~Colby~

(Justin's POV)

The sun is blinding and burning my eyes as I wake up. Groaning into my pillow, the memories flood back into my head. I jolt up right in my bed, breathing hard I think about what happened last night. "I almost slipped, after all I've been through, I almost slipped!" Angrily I rip off the covers of my bed, and I relive the events. I was staring at the him when he came in, I instantly smiled, he came and gave me a hug he smelled soooo good. The clothes he had on were perfect, his hair was perfect, HE was perfect. When he spilled his drink on himself and the face he had was so cute, I dragged him into the laundry room, he took off his shirt and I couldn't help but stare. He was self conscious, but his body is perfect in my eyes. He caught me staring and I blushed, what's wrong with me! He's probably just as confused as I am but I can't be with him, I vowed I would never hurt someone like that again. "I am not going to do this, not what happened last time."

(Mason's POV)

Smack! Aidee just hit me in my face with her arm. This bitch can sleep, like seriously. I grab a hold of her wrist and fling it back to her side of the bed. I lazily sit up in bed and slowly stand up, I walk over to the bathroom to pee. Opening the door, I look to the ground and I see Justin's jacket. Last night. "I have to talk to him", "Why are you talking to yourself" I Aidee says a little muffled from her pillow. "Because I have a problem and I need best friend help not you sleeping in the damn bed now get up" I say hitting her with Justn's jacket it smell like the scent I have fallen in love with, Justin's scent. She gets up and chases me around the house "Help me Mrs. Deleon, there is a beast attacking me" I yell over and over until her mom comes out, giving me a aggravated face and joins her daughter in chasing me around the house. Sometime between them hitting me with pillows and me tripping over various things around the house I ended up in the bathroom. "Open the door you wanted me to get  out of bed some I'm out of bed" Aidee yells hitting the door. "Leave me alone, I'm too fabulous to die." The sound of hitting the door stops and I open the door slowly, I peak my head out and look side to side. Then I hear screaming Aidee runs from the corner and chases me up the stairs... again. When we finally get to the room I collapse on the floor and quietly say "I quit, I am not coming over here anymore if every time I'm around you, you try to kill me." She gives me an evil smile and  jumps on me and just lays there.

"So you and and Justin" she wiggles her eyebrows. "Its nothing I probably imagined the whole thing last night, you know me the hopeless romantic." Bull shit you know youdidn't, maybe hes hiding something or he scared." I turn around and lay on my back, to look at her, "you know I wish that everyday, and I'm never gonna know until I take the chance so I'm gonna ask him to hang out tomorrow." She jumps up and runs into the closet she grabs a handful of clothes and runs into the bathroom. All I do is sit down on her bed in my shirt and shorts, waiting patiently at the door. A couple minutes pass and she comes out of the bathroom dressed she runs to me and pulls me to the bathroom, on the way she scoops up last night's clothes and pushes me into the bathroom and throws them at my face. "Thanks" I say sarcastically, she sticks her tongue at me and closes the door.


I come out of the bathroom fully dressed and see her on her phone listening to music, I take the chance and run up behind her and poke her sides (she hates that). "Owwwwwwww that hurt you asshole", "Stop complaining, so where are we going?" "Just to your house I need to pick out you clothes for tomorrow" We run down the stairs and head outside to my car that's parked by the curb. I hope in the driver's seat and turn on the ignition. The car roars to life, and we head away to my house.

After about 5 minutes we pull into my driveway and we head into the stairs and into my room. She heads straight to my closet, she goes through all my clothes., my room is a big mess. After about an hour of me standing in the mirror and Aidee putting clothes up to me to see if they were good enough, she finally found the "perfect" outfit. She decided on a white v-neck with the words "Love, The Strongest Bond" on it, in a teal, turquoise color. <-----(I just had to) I also had some grey skinny jeans, white high-top converse, and a striped cardigan. I also was gonna rock black sunglasses, a long sliver cross necklace, on my left hand a sideways cross ring, and on my right hand a fancy face with glasses and a mustache 3 finger ring. I looked hot.

She finally took a break and crashed on my bed, I followed her and did the same, I was tired of standing. "Thanks for my outfit, boo" "Your welcome, you'll look fabulous" she says with a hint of confidence in her voice. "I hope everything goes good tomorrow, I just hope he doesn't say no." She gets up real quick and starts ghetto diva mode "gurl with you wearing that", she points to my outfit, "who would be able to say no." I crack up laughing because she look so comical, the way she was moving her neck.

After that we both took showers, separately. we both got dressed we were gonna have a BFF date. We decided to take my car, and go to the movies she wanted to see Fast 6, so we went and got popcorn and drinks and went in. ~~~~ The movie was pretty good. During the movie I was day dreaming about what it would be like to have Justin sitting next to me holding his hand. Well, after that we went the mall and bought new clothes like always. We also went to Tom's Burgers after and it was bomb. So once we were done I had to drop her off at her house so she could get ready for school tomorrow. We pulled into her drive way, she leaned over to give me a kiss on the check and hopped out. Before she closed the front door she yelled, "Bye! And don't forget to wear those clothes tomorrow to get your man." She is to much. I finally got to my house and I decided to finish my homework that I never did and go to bed. I run into my bathroom and change, brush my teeth, and take out my contacts. I come out and I see my phone, I smirk and I get an the idea to text Justin. I unlock my phone and tap on his contact profile, I type the letters G.O.O.D.N.I.G.H.T

(Justin's POV)

I'm walking up the stairs to get to my room when I feel my phone vibrating, I take it out of my back pocket and I see that Mason texted me "Goodnight <3" I instantly smile and blush, he so cute. But I can't lead him on because I can't hurt anyone else, no one can be put in danger because of me again. "Why does this have to be so hard", I say as I delete his text message. Iock my phone and continue up the stairs and into my room. I fall onto my back on my bed. I sigh for what seems like forever, I am so frustrated, "My life can never be easy, can it?" I ask myself. I feel like ever since that day, I have to put this mask on everyday, to keep a whole part of myself from everyone. I eventually get off of my bed from my loner, pity party, and go to my drawers and pick out some clothes to sleep in. Once i find some I walk in to the bathroom to take a nice hot shower, to help ease my brain. ~~~~ After about half an hour of just standing in the bath tub I finally get out. When I open the door the chill of the house hits me full bast, by the time I get to my bed, I'm shivering. I pull back the covers of my bed, and climb in. A couple of times I am tempted to unlock my phone and text Mason back but I have to avoid him.


I urgently wake up to the sound of my alarm, "Ughhh another school day" I say in a husky morning voice, but the truth is today is gonna be much worse. Reluctantly I get out of the warm, cozy comfort of my bed. I slowly get my clothes that I laid out last night and get dressed. I'm wearing skinny khaki's, a white under shirt,  a blue plaid button up with the sleeves rolled up, brown boots, and a turquoise little crosses bracelet and a brown woven bracelet. I eventually end in the bathroom, I brush my teeth, do my hair and put deodorant on. Finally I grab my back pack, run down the stairs, say goodbye to my mom, and run out of the front door to my car. The engine roars to life and I'm off to school.

When I get to the school I'm about 15 minutes earlier than usual, I rush to my locker and dash off to class, I hate that I have to do this all because of what happened. I am trying everything I can to avoid Mason, and it really sucks, but I swore. The only catch to the day is that he's gonna be devastated and that is gonna be the hard part. Once I'm inside the classroom before everyone else I put in my head phones and listen to music, and lay my head down until the bell rings.



Through the beat of my music I can hear the bell ring for school to begin, so i pull out my headphones, and open my back pack to gather my stuff for geography. And when I look up I lock eyes with Mason as soon as we walks in the door. My breath hitches in my throat and my heart beats faster. He smiles and waves at me, and when I make my decision I'm disappointed with my self, I just turn to look at the front of the class. Out of the corner of my eyes I can see him frown and walk over to his chair, I feel really bad, but what he doesn't know is that I'm doing this for him not me.

(Mason's POV)

I hear the bell ring to start of the day at school and I practically skip to my first class geography. I walk in confidently with all my hot clothes on. I look inside the classroom and as Justin is looking up we lock eyes, I smile and wave at him expecting him to return it, but  instead he just turns to look at the front of the class, I frown "why did he do that, he looked straight at me" I say to myself, and walk over to my seat. Maybe he's having a bad day. I continue to study him, and how he's acting until the teacher walks in. The rest of the period, seems to go on forever, and I'm struggling because I'm trying to pay attention to the teacher, do my work, and think about Justin all a once. Why is he avoiding me. He gave me his number, so what's his reason. Eventually the bell rings and Justin is the first one up out of his seat. I gather my things quickly, and run out to the hall way. I look left and right and I see him walking half way down the hall. I run past people to get a hold of him, I grab his arm and he looks up abruptly. "Why are you not talking to me" i ask him a little aggravated. He looks up into my eyes and I see a flash of sadness, "I can't" is all he says and he pull his arm away and rushes off. I'm left there alone feeling stupid. My next two periods go by so slow, P.E. was tiring, we had to run the mile. And then English and Ms.Hansen and her angry ass self was getting all my nerves all period, her and her stupid little remarks.

So when the bell finally rang for lunch, I was the first one up out of my seat and out the door. I ran to where me and Aidee meet to go to lunch everyday, and there she was. "So how was your period with Justin" she asked wiggling her eyebrows. I looked at her with sad eyes and said "nothing, nothing happened at all, he totally ignored me... the whole period, I even talked to him in the hallway and he just ran off." I walked with her to lunch sulking, we both grabbed and payed for our lunch in the line. We both walked over to our table we both took our usual spots mine with Tato'i and her's with Luke. I wasn't really paying attention to the group around me, what they were saying, doing, everything was not relevant to me. The only thing I was focused on was Justin. He was sitting there with his friend like usual, but he was deep in thought, he never was not talking to his friends.Never. So seeing him sit like that was a little weird, but all his stupid, fake friends didn't even notice they all went on with their lives.Figures. I just wanted to get up and talk to him, I just wanted to hold him and touch him, it looked like he needed someone but he made it clear that he didn't need me. 

I was so hypnotized by Justin, and so deep in thought, that I didn't even here the bell so signal the end of lunch, Aidee had to hit me in the back of my head to get my attention. "Come on it's time to go, sorry to take away from your "staring" time with Justin." She pulls me up by my arm and leads me too class, walking out of the cafeteria I looked back and me and Justin locked eyes again. He looked at me and I saw a flash of hesitation or sadness, he looked like he wanted to come over her but was having a battle between his mind and body. I have to get to the bottom of this. Asap.

5th period was math with my worst teach Mr. Johnson, he is a old, bald, annoying, controlling, stupid ass, fake teacher. He is nothing more, nothing less. Every day I come in and get ready and every day he has something to say. It's either turn around, stop talking, sit down you can throw you trash away later, or I could get in trouble for something I'm not doing, for example whistling. And today is nothing less than usual, I don't have time for his shit today, I have all this homework, stupid teachers, and on top of all that the only person I have ever liked isn't even talking to me. So today is not the day. At all. He walks in like his humpty dumpty self and plops down on his little stool in front of the classroom. "Today were gonna start of with a worksheet to study for your 70 question quiz on Wednesday" he says with a stupid smirk. The whole class groans and I say to Aidee "why the hell are we gonna take a 70 question test on a half day, like his he really that retarded, like he needs to go back to devoting his time to the gym or something," Aidee laughs and Mr. Johnson comes over to our table and says if he hears us acting up one more time were gonna be split up. I look him in the eyes and he just stares, I roll my eyes and look to Aidee. I can here his little chuckle while he walks away, ughhh its amazing how he can get on my nerves so easily.

So me and Aidee pair up to work on our worksheet, slowly I might add. So we are all into doing our work because were both tired of getting in trouble. But its kind of hard to concentrate on Algebra 2 when so to shitheads keep talking and laughing right behind you, right in your ear. After a while I hear footsteps and look up Mr. Johnson is standing our table. "Yes Mr.Johnson" I say in a little agitated voice. He looks straight at me and says "didn't I just get done telling you two that you need to stop acting up." Now he's trying it, the stupid bitches got us in trouble, and they know they did it. "What.Are.You.Talking.About. you are so stupid, if you wouldn't be strapped to your damn chair, and looking at you computer doing god know what, you would have noticed that it as these two behind us talking not me and Aidee." I finish and I look at Aidee and she's laughing, I look back up to him and he has a mean ass face on, "you are now getting a referral." I got up got my things and simply said "you know, if you focused all your time and energy that you spend on messing with me, and put it into the damn gym and hair growth products you probably wouldn't look like the damn bald ass, fat, ugly gorilla that you are" loud enough for everyone to hear. Every one laughed except him, he actually looked like he was gonna cry, so I took my referral and walked to the door, and before I left I gave Aidee one last look and said to Mr. Johnson, "What is that on your head, oh it just your ridiculous receding hairline" and walked out proudly.

Sitting in the priciples office, with my mom signing my detention and suspension slips, I sat there with a big grin on. I have been waiting to do that for so long. But eventually I grew sad again when I relised I missed my chance to talk to Justin in my last period class. And now im suspended for a week, so there goes talking to him too. And I'm probably grounded so no friends but maybe Aidee could sneek in thorough the window. My mom walks back to me and givesme a dissapointed look, I hate when she does that. "What, you know if he wasn't messing with me I wouldn't have said that." She gives me that look that says wait til we get home. When we pull into our drive way she gets out and unlocked the front door, as soon as that door closed she yelled like she never yelled before. 


It wwas a good half hour before she stopped yelling, so from what I actaully listened to, I'm grounded for a week, no friends and have to clean the house for two weeks.By myself. So after all that mess I walked back into my room and texted Aidee.

Hey, grounded for a week, and you cant come over :( ~M

That sucks, I'm sad now, would you care if I snuck in later like Wednesday??~A

Nope I was just about to ask you and I didn't get a chance to talk to Justin again :( because of Mr.Jackass~M

Oh :( I could talk to him for you...~A

No don't I'm over him right now, I just can't deal but hey I'll text you on wedesday when to come over k?~M

Yeah that fine i'm gonna miss you Love ya boo :P~A

Love you too baby daddy ;P~M

And with that I locked my phone, threw my backpack in the closet and fell on top of my bed. Today was too much, I was done, I really didn't know what to do. I was so mentally tired from thinking about Justin and what he was doing to me, hey, maybe I'm wrong maybe there is something more to the story. But in my mind I'm prepared for the worst. And the worst is him being out of my life, that would hurt me. I can't believe that over the past year I have let this crush turn into something that can affect me this much. This is a problem. 

After a while of sulking on my bed, I eventually ask my mom if I could go for a walk. With some persuasion she agrees and I grab my phone, headphones, a jacket, and I head out. I contemplate whether I should go and visit Aidee but I decide not to, I'll see her later. I just need this time to myself, to just walk and forget about my life for an hour. I just need time. I hate feeling like this, its like a bad soap opera, ughhh disgusting. 



After many minutes of walking in silence, I found myself right in front of  Justin's house. Breathing heavily I slowly walk up to his front door, my nerves are causing my hands to shake as I contemplate ringing the door bell, suddenly I remember all the gay kids that I have known that told me they fell for a straight guy, which eventually turned out bad for them. Why am I doing this, I am torturing myself, I'm tormenting my life over this guy, the guy that will never like me the way I like him, I am so stupid to think that he will ever just fall for me and proclaim his adorning love for me. What am I doing here. After my little talk down with myself I eventually turn around and start walking away. Halfway down the front steps, I hear the door creak open and my heart tops and I feel like I'm gonna die. "Mason?" I instantly know the huskiness of The voice that its Justin. In that moment I feel my body go numb in a matter of seconds I go into fight or flight mode, do I stay here and face this head on, or do I run away like I always do. I turn around with the confidence that I never had before, the confidence to face Justin.

(Justin's POV) 

I decided that I needed to clear my thoughts and the best way I do that it to listen to music in my little nook of my room. I walk over to my little bench that allows me to look down through my window, grab my iPod and blast my music. While I was just about to get up from the nook, I glanced down the street and noticed that Mason was walking down the street and stopped right in front of house. Hesitating for a few moments he walks up to my door, his hands are shaking as he reaches up to my doorbell. It seems as though he's having a battle inside his head and he turns around about to walk away. So in a split second I run downstairs to run after him and hesitate as I reach to open the door, if I open this door I open this to tell him about myself, to explain why I am shutting him out, if I open this door I open up to him. 

I give myself the push I need to open the door and a say simply "Mason?". He stops in his tracks and my breath hitches in my throat. He finally turns around and walks toward me, surprising me with his confidence, I've never seen this in him before, and I think I like it. I unknowingly smile and that makes him stop and frowns at me. That must have confused him. "Look I just wanted to say..." I was cut off by Mason. "Don't try to apologize because I don't want to hear it, I'm pretty sure you know that I like you and I got the stupid idea that you would like me too, but what I don't get is why are you ignoring me, I haven't done anything to you, you have no reason to, so unless you can give me a reason why you are basically telling me to fuck off, I don't want to hear an apology" he finishes with hi chest heaving and his face filled with anger. I stand there silently and all he says is "that's what I thought" and turned to walk away. Before I walk in, I mumble, because I like you too.

A/N sorry that it took me forever to update Ive just been busy and takes me forever to, because my brain only lets me write like 2 paragraphs at a time so I'll try my best to update faster ~Colby~

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