It all happened for a reason

Gia has a very complicated life...don't you think you will learn the first time you do something bad? Not a long on her very crazy love adventure and see what happens when she runs into each of the boys in One Direction!

Sorry don't want to give much away in the summary above. I didn't really know how to summarize the story without giving away too much. Hope you read and love this story! Thx :)


5. Zayn

Gia's pov

once I went back to my crappy hotel I decided to call my best friend and only friend, Leah. We have known each other since we were 10 and now we re 18. "Hello?" Leah answered on the other line. "Hi it's Gia." I replied depressed. "What's up?" So then I told her everything that happened not including 1 direction of course she is a big fan and would die of jealousy if she found out I met them. She offered me a place to stay at her place until e roommate came home from visiting her parents out of country. I thanked her and took the offer and started to pack up my stuff. Yay! Once I left I drove to her house about an hour away. When I got there I went up to her apartment and knocked she opened the door wearing a really sexy piece of clothing made for sex. I think and say it that way because I was mentally retarded when it came to sex haha. I'm a Virgin I'm. Vanilla... Whatever people these days call it . "Why in hell are you wearing that," I questioned "I wanted to have a little fun before you got here." She replied simply and a naked man walked out of her apartment woah. "What the fuck! Why?" I asked disgusted " hey you're the one that's staying with me deal with it I love sex." She has a point im in her house. It was 9 and I was tired. " no guy tonight right." I asked cautiously "no but we re going to a club tonight." There is no use arguing with Leah so I dress appropriately for a club and we are off. She payed to be in the VIP section cuz she had money and I got really drunk. It was really loud and hot and we agreed to take a taxi home and around 2 am but a guy came up and took me else where then I fell into unconsciousness immediately. When I woke up it was just 19 min after and I was still drunk then I saw a guy and he was naked I was naked. What's happening then he went in me and I squealed with pain and pleasure then I was out before he could even thrust first. I woke with a start and found Zayn from one direction there wait dd he ...did we ? Ugh! I pick up my stuff out of this hotel and got a taxi back to Leah's place. Once I got in I stood there while she was doing it with a guy on the living room floor. GOD!

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