It all happened for a reason

Gia has a very complicated life...don't you think you will learn the first time you do something bad? Not a long on her very crazy love adventure and see what happens when she runs into each of the boys in One Direction!

Sorry don't want to give much away in the summary above. I didn't really know how to summarize the story without giving away too much. Hope you read and love this story! Thx :)


4. Niall

Gia's POV

***Two Days Later***

I was staying at a crapy motel since I left my dad 2 days ago. the power were to go out about every 10 minutes or so...that's how bad it was. I was sick of it already and now im just walking the streets unless Im sleeping then I have to go to the motel. God I hated it it had roaches and everything! I need to have fun, today looked like it was a beach day so I decide to go for a little bit. I have to take the bus to go there im about an 45 min away from the beach. Once I get there, I decide I want a private beach which consists of a fee. But it worth it I want to be alone and have a good time. I lay my towel down and take off my shirt and top till im in just my bikini. I lay there for about 30 min letting my skin absorb the sun that rarely comes out. Even though im tan it feels good but I don't want to get too dark so I wrap the towel around me. "NO! Just get way from me," says a loud voice to my left. God I wanted to be alone!

Niall's POV

Harry is such an ass! We planned on having a bro night out just me and him and he cancels on me because of a girl. he told me he had a surprise and we drove down to this private beach and I asked why we were here just the two of us and he says it was to make up for Friday night because he was going out with a girl! im so upset because I feel like we are the only ones in the band who aren't that close to eachother. Im not going to the beach with him its like he doesn't even care to make our relationship better he just cares about getting in some girl's pants. Uggh I just need some alone time. "Please Niall C'mon this girl may be the one! lets just have a good time together mate!" "NO! Just get away from me," I scream at him I just don't like Harry but I have to know him more than just a heart breaker with girls and being a player. For the band I guess, but I need to get away from him he is driving me crazing. As I walk down the beach to my favorite part of the beach by the cliffs I see a girl laying there with a towel covering her. Well I might as well go  to her she's in my spot. "You know you don't get tan by having a towel around you love," I say in my most charming voice. "Im already dark from America I don't want to get any darker," she says she was tan and it was a perfect shade. She stands up and I look at her...her body is perfect wow she is a beauty. "umm, hello," she says getting my attention on her face and I blush. "Sorry," I mumble. "So if im not mistaken your Niall right?" She asks in a soothing voice. "Yes I am and you are?" "Gia" she mutters. I wonder if she is a directioner? "Hey are you a directioner?" "No," she starts. "I fancy your singing but Im not a maniac and are crazy about one direction." that's good she is sane! Wow she is beautiful. She has a perfect nose,little bit of freckles scurrying along the top of her cheeks and along the upper nose, dark brown hair that goes to her belly button going into a V angle, big eyes that are a mixture of colors im guessing you would consider it hazel, an oval shaped face, tall about and inch shorter then me, long legs, perfect figure, She was skinny but not like a stick she looked athletic also the perfect mix not too buff not too sticky if you know what I mean. I could go all day taking in all of her perfect perfections. I only ever had one girlfriend in my life but that was a long time ago and she cheated on me. forget about that I already love this girl...we spent the rest of the beach time seprate only a few minutes of talking. I didn't know what to say and I felt like she just thought of me in an annoying way? I dunno but I have to go its too late. I left and almost kissed her but controlled myself good thing I got her number. ;)

*Hey guys sorry for the wait :( busy with sports and stuff...please comment and help me improve my movella im I taking it too slow is it just bad? Please feel free to right your advise good or bad :) but I see I only have 18 reads so something's up so please comment! thx -Gia ;)

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