Josh is hopelessly in love with his best friends sister. He's known it for all his life. Matt Knight, his best friend, has no clue his little sister is the girl that has his best friend all tied up. Kelsey Knight get nervous around Josh, just as does every other girl in school, but she doesn't want anything from him. That is of course, if you count her praying every time she's in his presence that he'll drop on his knees confessing his love for her nothing. She has loved him every since in 7th grade when he pushed the boy, who had just been harassing her about how small she was, up against the lockers and said quietly in a scary voice that she was perfect how she was. Kelsey never heard the words the told the boy, but knew he said something flattering about her. She never had a problem with the kid again. So how will this love work out with Matt being so protective? They'll have to figure it out.


3. Not a Chapter!

Sup little bugs? So, I couldn't get the pictures up, but as of right now, if you go into bing search and type in 'black hair ice blue eyes' then the first picture, third row is what I think Kelsey looks like. Then type in again 'long brown hair and honey eyes on boys' then, again as of right now, the First photo in the sixteenth row is what I think Josh looks like. Lastly, if you search 'crazy red spiked up hair and ice blue eyes on boys' the second photo in the second row is what I think Matt look like. I hope you guys get the right photos, I apoligize for not being good with technology. However, in my defense, I almost never use the iPad or the website version of this program. This information is from an iPad on the date June 25, 2013 USA, 1:03 PM.

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