Josh is hopelessly in love with his best friends sister. He's known it for all his life. Matt Knight, his best friend, has no clue his little sister is the girl that has his best friend all tied up. Kelsey Knight get nervous around Josh, just as does every other girl in school, but she doesn't want anything from him. That is of course, if you count her praying every time she's in his presence that he'll drop on his knees confessing his love for her nothing. She has loved him every since in 7th grade when he pushed the boy, who had just been harassing her about how small she was, up against the lockers and said quietly in a scary voice that she was perfect how she was. Kelsey never heard the words the told the boy, but knew he said something flattering about her. She never had a problem with the kid again. So how will this love work out with Matt being so protective? They'll have to figure it out.


4. Chapter Two

Never: Chapter Two

     As Kelsey and Josh walked to their first class together, AP science, Josh nervously looked over at Kelsey and asked "So, what book is that?" a small smile cracked upon her lips as she replied "The City of Magic by Magnus Flyte" "What's it about?" Josh asked, yet another question. She looked at him as if he were stupid "A city full of magical beings" she laughed. They turned into the class only to get pushed to the back of the room so the science teacher, Mr. Wooski, assigned lab part. "…Anna and Cole, Brennan and Sydney, Kelsey and Josh, Sophia and Kyle, Kevin and Marissa…" Kelsey's eyes widened at hearing that as she quickly looked to Josh "Did I hear that right?" Josh simply nodded and gulped. They walked over to their lab station and got seated comfortably, or as comfortably as they could get. Kelsey's best friend, Reilly came over and they got into conversation about Reilly's brother. Josh looked through his stuff until he looked up and saw one of his close friends, Kevin Hills. "Hey man! Jesus, did you get lucky or what?!" he said the second sentence quieter, "What do you mean?" He asked, completely confused. "The hottest girl in school, your lab parter. That means going over to her house to work on projects through out the year. You'll be able to do more than just work on projects-" Josh cut him off. "Dude! That's sick! What do you think she is, a toy?!" He yelled forgetting Kelsey was right there. At the moment he didn't care, nor did he notice her staring at him with awe. "Josh, it's okay. Calm down" Kelsey tried to calm him down. The second her hand landed on his forearm, he was brought back to reality and his heart slowed down, evening out his breath. "There you go" she said with a soft smile. Josh turned to Kevin, and spat "Go back to your seat before you make me any angrier." Kevin dashed to his seat and Reilly returned to hers also. "Are you alright?" "Yeah, I just get angry when people talk about women that way. Especially you." he said not realizing what he said until after it slipped out. His eyes widened as he looked towards a blushing Kelsey. "Sorry! That slipped out" he gushed. "It's, uh, okay" she smiled nervously. The rest of class they would steal glances at each other and blush whenever the other one caught them. Yet, they both still think the other doesn't like them… Love is blind after all, right?

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