Once a Nerd.... Now a Popstar

Jade Thirwall went to school with Justin Bieber they went out then she found out about something that changed everything she ran away from him and went and changed who she was she isnt a nerd anymore that sits in the back corner of the room she is now a bubbly person not to mention popular popstar trying to forget what hurt them the most...... Justin.

What will happen when Justin trys to win Jade back..... will Jade stay with Sam or move on to Justin.


1. again we meet

i got onto our new tour bus thats right our new tour bus i am Jade thirwall 1/4 of little mix we are going on a 8 month tour our manager Craig (a/n i dont know if that actually is their manager but anyway) wont let us know who our opening act is. "wow this is amazing" Perrie yelled while jumping up and down "i know i cant believe it we are finally going on a world wide tour" i replied. we ran and chose our beds i am top and perrie is on the bottom bunk and that leaves jesy and Leigh-Anne in a room we started unpacking our thngs untill we heard craig call our names "YES" we all yelled "COME AND MEET YOUR OPENING ACT" he replied so loud it felt like my eardrums would burst any moment now. We walked out and the one and only Justin Bieber was there see i havent told any of the girls except Perrie because we are both not very fond of him. Leigh-Anne was just standing there like she was going to scream and cue the scream, she screamed so loud that it would probably get all the birds of the face of London. Jesy had to calm her down because she started fan girling riht in front of him "well hello to you too" he said to Leigh-Anne "well aren't you going to indroduce youself" craig said. i could just see that Justin knew excatcually who i am "i am Jade and i think you probably know that" i said coldly "yes i believe so" he replied but it seemed that he seemed hurt the way i talked to him but i just shrugged it of "i'm Perrie" Perrie said very bluntly. "i'm Jesy" Jesy said very politly "well nice to meet you" Justin said i looked at Perrie and Perrie pretended to shoot herself with a gun and no-body saw but me i was tying not to laugh but i cracked i couldn't help it and so did Perrie everybody looked at us like we were mental "well Leigh-Anne" craig said "hi i'm Leigh-Anne" Leigh-anne said shyly  "ok well now that you know eachother i am going to leave you guys to bond" craig  said 


i walked into Perrie and my room and Justin Followed "what do you want" i said bluntly 'why so harsh' he replied 'you played me like all your other girlfriends before me, so thats why i am sooooo harsh on you' i said bringing out the oooo in soooo 'no i didnt i never had any girlfriends before you' said sounding confused 'aghhh yeah you did i even saw them and can we talk about this some other time i am busy' i said and got of my bunk ' no i wont to talk about this now' he said 'yeah thats not going to happen' i said and pushed past his when i bumped him ifelt sparks but i kept a staight face and walked out.



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