My Tall Leprechaun

In this fanfic, YOU are the main character!!! So when i need to use YOUR name, i'll substitute it with Y/N----- You were always a good fan of One Direction, and when you meet them, you become really close friends. You get really really close to Niall and you become the best couple EVER.


5. The Date ;)

You and Niall got to the Cinemas and you got two tickets to watch "Now You See Me". "Okay now lets get 'da FOOD!!!" Niall said with a big cheesy smile on his face. Niall got guys a large icee and  two large popcorns, Niall grabbed two spoons and two straws so you could share the icee. "Nialllll....." you said confusingly."It's okay, Im not that thirsty, so your gonna drink it all anyways"Niall said. You guys walked into the room where the film was playing."hey, why aren't there any people here? were not even early" you ask. "oh, I ask the lady at the ticket box if she could reserve it, so now there won't be fans and we can talk without getting people mad." Niall says. "oh, okay" you say. You guys go find some seats and sat down. Meanwhile the commercials, you and niall were chatting. You told him about how you were an only child, where you're from, some of your funny childhood stories and how you were a very smart kid in school. Niall also shared a few stories with you, but there wasn't really much he could tell you, since you were and are a dedicated fan.Soon the movie started and you and niall exchanged little sentences about the movie every now and then. Halfway through the movie, you looked over at niall and saw that he had finished his popcorn. You had only eat like 10% of your popcorn so you gave it to him."here" you said while placing it on his lap.You returned to watching the movie, but then you heard Niall coughing, quickly you grabbed your icee and gave it to him.He took it and took a big gulp and stopped coughing. "Aww, I got a brain freeze"Niall said.You kissed his four-head "Is that better?" you ask. "I think if you moved it down to my lips it would have a bigger effect." he said. "hahahaha, NO" you say ending it with a serious face. "fine then,be that way." You returned watching the movie, the movie soon ended and you and Niall left the theaters and went into his car. "Time for lunch"Niall said happily driving off.You guys went thru drive thru at McDonalds and got lots of food. From there Niall drove you guys to a small pretty park. The park was filled with cherry blossom trees. "C'mon "niall said while grabbing the food from your lap and going outside to the park. You guys went under a under one of the cherry blossom trees. "Hold on" he said when you were about to sit down on the damp grass. He pulled of his jacket and layed it on the grass, then he patted it , letting you know that you could sit on it. you awkwardly. "Thanks niall" you say, "now let's eat!!" you say. You had gotten 2 chicken wraps and a caramel mocha. You had never gotten a caramel mocha before, but then you tasted it and instantly fell in love with it, just as you fell in love with Niall. "ERRRRMMERRRGGUURRDD, niall, you NEED to taste this!!" you tell him while handing it to him.He took a small sip just to taste, but then  he took another big slurp. "NIALL!! don't finish it all" you say while snatching the cup out of his hands."Sorry, i just love the taste of your lips"Niall admitted ending it with a wink. " You Nasteh lil' boy!!" you say and then sip some of the mocha. "Hey!! you technically kissed me!!" Niall said. You acted like you didn't hear and just kept in eating. Soon both you and Niall finished eating. And you two just sat there looking at each other."I know we just met, but I Love you"Niall said. "I think, I think.... I love you too." you say shyly.Then Niall starts leaning in and so do you but he stopped only centimeters from your face."I'm sorry" Niall says. "I'ts okay, go on " you say. Niall cups your face and then he kisses you. At that moment, you felt as if small fireworks were going on throughout your whole body. You soon pulled out and you hugged Niall. You let go of him and start getting up. "I think we should head home'" you say. Niall gets up and you grab his jacket and walk to the car. You and niall return home and you know the boys will ask questions so you get prepared.

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