My Tall Leprechaun

In this fanfic, YOU are the main character!!! So when i need to use YOUR name, i'll substitute it with Y/N----- You were always a good fan of One Direction, and when you meet them, you become really close friends. You get really really close to Niall and you become the best couple EVER.


16. Packing cx....Almost There

Once you and your little niall potato go home you just ran to the couch to lay down."Ughh, (Y/N) stop it! we have to pack!!" Niall says whilst trying to pull you off of the couch. "But,But......BUTT NIALL ;3" You say and make a poopy dog face. "I'm sorry, but we have to do this" Niall says and bites his lip. "I refuse to. A lady like me shall not be packing her own clothes!"you protest (NO! JIMMY PROTESTED) and turn your head to face the other side of the room. "Well then i guess I'll pack your clothes and sniff your underwear, while I'm at" He says and begins to go to your bedroom. "NEVERMIND!! I"LL DO IT!!!" You say and run over to your bedroom and pull out your blue sassy suitcase. "QUESTION!!!!?!?!?" you yell "Are WE going to go anywhere like real fancy and beautimous" you ask. "Well, we might visit some places that mean a lot to me and stuff not too fancy though maybe 3 or 4  casual dresses. If you need another outfit I"ll buy you some clothes while on tour." he replies. ''Okay, Tanks Boyfriend" you say and begin to open your top drawer which contains your undies, socks, bras and undershirts. You grab like all of your stuffs in there, until you could see the bottom of your drawer. There was this paper at the bottom, automatically you remember what it is and get overjoyed. ''OMN!! Niall look" you say and bounce onto the bed. "It's just a paper -.-" Niall says and sits down with you. "No look" you say and unfold the paper. It was a poem you wrote in 8th grade for poetry. It was asking you're future self if they've accomplished you're goals. You read it, you were asking you're self if you became a model and if you married someone from Nsync and other stuff like that. "Well, you were a wild child" Niall says, "But that's why I love you" and he kisses your cheek. You feel your face redden and get hot. "Well, let's get back to packing" you say. You pack a lot of warm clothing knowing its not always warm in Ireland. You decided to take 4 casual dresses. The dresses included included a Charlotte Russe grey and white striped belted dress, a Asos laced red skater dress, a pink long sleeve collared dress and a dogtooth sleeved belted skater dress. You decide on only taking 5 pairs of shoes; high top black converse, Black combat boots, some navy keds , black suede rounded heels and a pair of silver sparkled wedges You packed in some of you're favorite movies like Narnia, The Harry Potter series, The Little mermaid, Lilo and stitch, Up, Rio , Back to the future series, Pretty woman and Sixteen candles (comment whats you're favorite movie (;). You also packed this new series of books you bought and hadn't read yet, The instrumental series. You finished like 30 min  after niall was done. "WERE ALMOST THERE!?!!?" Niall yells and tackles you onto the bed. He begins to kiss all of your face and you just lie there laughing. He finally reaches you mouth and the make out session began. Niall kissed you passionately and you felt your stomach flutter. You kept kissing back but then you felt his tounge at your lips. You opened your lips and felt his tounge go in your mouth, you decided to do the same. After a while you both pull away and just lie there looking into each other's eyes. Niall puts a strand of hair behind your ear and licks his lips. "I love you so much (Y/N)" he says and lays his hand on your cheek. "I love you even more" you reply and lie there with your amazing boyfriend

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