My Tall Leprechaun

In this fanfic, YOU are the main character!!! So when i need to use YOUR name, i'll substitute it with Y/N----- You were always a good fan of One Direction, and when you meet them, you become really close friends. You get really really close to Niall and you become the best couple EVER.


2. Is bad news really good news?

"oookkkayyyy, well are you going to tell us??" Louis said. "well, um we don't have a hotel room, so tonight we'll just have to sleep in the van" Liam said. "Or if you'd like you can stay with me, I have 2 extra rooms and then someone could sleep in my room and I'll sleep on the couch." you said."or we could share a room" Harry said. Oh god, harry was starting to annoy you with this flirting nonsense, if only he were niall."well yeah, i guess" I said trying not to sound rude."Okay well, I'll go call Paul and tell him to drop off our belongings."liam said, exiting the room once again."Well, what should we do?!?" Zayn asked. "Maybe we should play a game, a game called, well I don't know, do you know Harry?" Louis said suspiciously. "Would it happen to be called Truth or Dare?"Harry said. Everyone said yes in union, and we all headed to the living room. Liam had just hung up the phone when you guys entered."what are we doing now?" asked liam. "Were playing truth or dare, so sit down buddy" replied Niall. You guys all sat down forming a circle. "Okay, i call first!! (Y/N) T or D??!?!?" Harry said happily. "Ummm.... i pick, truth" you answered. "Okayy, tell us the truth,who do you think is the cutest of the band???" harry asked. "Well, um... uhh.... niall...." you mumbled quietly, you looked down and felt yourself blush." AWWWEEEEEE" all of the boys say together, well except for Niall of course. "okayy.. Liam, T or D???!!??" you ask. "oohh... i'm gonna have to go with ... DARE" Liam said. YOU smiled evily, like a creepo " I Dare you to go ask the neighbor for a tampon" you say. "dammiitt... ok" Liam replies as he walks outside . You grab a blanket and head outside with the boys. "Wait, Liam, you have to say these exact words, "Hi, do you have a tampon i could have 'cause my friend is over there like with a massive blood waterfall??" you tell him. "Ugghhh... fine" he replies. You get the blanket and you and the boys sit down and act as if you guys are just chilling. Liam goes to the neighbors house and knocks, then a guy answers the door. "uhh, hi do you have a tampon you can lend me because my friend is like letting out a massive waterfall of blood" you hear liam say. "ohh, umm let me go see if my girlfriend has one by any chance" the guy says and then leaves. About two minuets later he returns with a tampon and hands it to  Liam. "Thank you soo much" Liam says. "mmhhmm" says the guy closing the door. Once the door is closed all of you guys start laughing until the point where your stomach is aching and tears are pouring out of you eyes. Soon you guys all stop laughing. "good job Liam" you say, while putting your hand out for him to high five you, but instead he throws the tampon at you. "LIAM!!!" you say. "I feel yo' payne ( see wat i did derr...LLN) bro" Harry says. "okay i think that's enough for today we should go back inside" says Louis.You all head inside and sit down on the couches in your living room.                                                                                                                       ~hello, well, this is my first fanfic, on here, but please comment if you'd like to continue, so that I know and yeah. I'm sorry if I write short chapters. well yeah, buh-bye!!! 

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