My Tall Leprechaun

In this fanfic, YOU are the main character!!! So when i need to use YOUR name, i'll substitute it with Y/N----- You were always a good fan of One Direction, and when you meet them, you become really close friends. You get really really close to Niall and you become the best couple EVER.


4. Building a relationship??;)

The next morning, you woke and turned to see Harold looking straight at your face, which was sorta creepo-like, and awkward. "What you're doing??"you ask in a silly country accent. "OH, um... just thinking.."he's says."Okkkkaayyy.... well i'm gonna go down stairs, I think i smell food"you say while climbing out the bed. You go downstairs to see liam cooking some eggs, bacon, and pancakes."Good mornin'" you say as you enter the kitchen where Liam and Niall were."heyyy" liam says. "hi" Niall simply says while exiting the kitchen."What's wrong with him?" you ask. "he told me what happened last night, and i'm pretty sure that's what's wrong with him" Liam replied, "but it's okay, I"m not against you, if i were you i'd do the same thing". "i'll talk to him later" you say. "Okay, can you call the boys to come eat" liam says.You go and call the boys to come eat. After you guys go eat, everyone headed to their rooms to freshen up, you entered the room and you heard harry in the bathroom, so you decided to do the bed in the meanwhile, you hear the bathroom door open, but continue doing the bed. Then, you feel harry's hand roughly smacking your butt, so hard that you turned and fell onto your bed laying on your back.Harry places his hands by your sides and starts leaning in , but then the door opened, both you ad harry looked to see who it was, it turned out to be louis. Thank god it was louis and not Niall. When he opened the door he was looking at his phone. "hey (Y/N), do you have a twitter so i could follow you" He asks you. You quickly push harry off of you, and then louis looked up."ohh, i don't, but i will just for you lou"you reply to him. "oh, well okay" he says and then leaves and closes the door. "What the hell harry???!?!? you're such a douche!!" you yell at Harry."Oh, shut up as if you didn't want it to happen"Harry says while scooting closer to you. You stand up in front of the bed facing harry."I didn't, I don't even like you, why would try to even do that?!?!?!" you yell."you know what, GET OUT!!!!get your stuff and trade rooms with Niall!!!" and with that you stormed out of your room to find Niall. You found him in the living room munching  on some lemon lays."hey Niall get your stuff and take it to my room, and wait there i need to talk to you" you say roughly since you were still mad at what Harry tried doing. You went up to your room to get ready, luckily harry had already left your room.You grabbed a fresh outfit and went into the bathroom. You brushed you teeth and hair and applied some foundation and mascara. After that you change into some denim high waisted shorts and you wore a teal tank top with hot pink stripes, you tucked that into your shorts. You fixed  your mess in the room and walked back into your room to see niall sitting there fidgeting with his fingers. "hey nialler" you say."Hey, so why'd you tell me to bring my stuff with me?"he asked. "Well, I was thinking, that you could maybe be my bunkmate... " you tell Niall. "You're only doing this to make it up to me for what happened yesterday" Niall said. "No, it's just that harry , he uh, he , well, he tried to kiss me." you said nervously since you really didn't want to tell him. "why didn't you kiss me yesterday?"Niall asked. "well, i did want to, it's just that.." you say "What? i'm not good enough for you"niall said sorta angrily. "No, you're to good for me it's just that i've never had my first kiss and I wasn't gonna just give it away like it's not a big deal, but if i get to know you better then it will happen" you explained. "Well then, would you like to go to the movies and to lunch with me so we could learn about each other a bit better" Niall asks with that wonder accent of his. " I'd love to!!" you say and kiss his cheek. "Well come on!!' he says grabbing your arm and pulling you to his car. (let's just pretend he can drive)

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