My Tall Leprechaun

In this fanfic, YOU are the main character!!! So when i need to use YOUR name, i'll substitute it with Y/N----- You were always a good fan of One Direction, and when you meet them, you become really close friends. You get really really close to Niall and you become the best couple EVER.


11. Beach ;0

You all loaded up and headed to the beach. BTW, you live in California!! You decided you would take the boys to a small beach you knew called Rodondo Beach (I go there :D). You didn't live that far so the ride was only about 45 minuets. You finally arrived and all of you unpacked the car and raced down to the sand. All of the boys had on sunglasses and they changed their accents and names. "Well what are we waiting for??!!?!" You say as all the boys sit down and relax in the little tent house shade thing. You pulled off your summer dress so that you'd be in your swimming suit. "Let's go!!" you yell and rush to the water. The boys chasing after you. "(Y/N)!! are you crazy these waves are gonna push you down!!" Liam said. You turn around and face him, "Nope" You managed to say before a wave crashed into you and pushed you to the floor. You get up and punch Liam. "What was that for??" He asks. "For not warning me!!" you say. "I did!!'' he yelled back at you. "DID NOT" you say and stick your tounge out at him. "Do you want me to go Daddy Direction on you?" Liam says with a sassy tone. "No Mr.Sir" You say and run over to Niall to hug him. "damn right" Liam says. "I'm the sassy one, so you all get your butts in that water you peasants!!" Louis yells at you. "Yes Mr.Sir"you all say in union and run into the water. Niall and harry holding tightly onto you making sure the waves wont take you. "I got her" Niall says while looking at Harry. He leaves and niall grabs your other arm and pulls you closer so that you two are facing each other. You look into those wonderful blue eyes of his and he stares back at yours and you slowly lean in. Your lips finally meet his and you feel yourself get weak in the knees. You lips are still attached to his but then a huge wave comes and knocks you both down. Niall grabs you tighter and you both sit on the shore so that the waves lightly brush against your legs. "You were supposed to keep me up"you say and push him lightly with your shoulder."I promise i'll keep you up if you go into the water with me again"Niall says. You nod and get up and go into the water. after about 3 hours of being in the water, you all go and sit under the shade. It's now about 3:30 P.M. and you guys are tired of being in the water and decide to go eat on the pier and walk.You changed back into your long summer dress and grabbed your leather jacket and sunglasses and go back with the boys. Niall grabs your hand once you get out of the changing rooms. "You look beautiful princess" Niall whispers quietly into your ear, causing you to blush. "Well we already put the stuff away lets go!!"harry says nd then you walk to the pier. "Do you guys want pizza, sea food, or this place that's like McDonalds?" you ask."McDonalds place"They all say. You go with them and you and niall order thier food. Niall turns around to look at you, "What do you want?" Niall asks you. "I'll pay my niall it's fine" you say. "Okay" He says and turns around to look at the lady behind the counter, "And chicken nuggets with a coffee"He says and pays the lady what he owes. He turns around and leaves and grabs your wrist and takes you with him. "Why'd you do that? Now I have to go to the back of the line" you say with a frown. "I ordered for you already" Niall says. "Harvey!!" you say since there's people around. "I wasn't gonna let you pay, never will i" Niall says. You both sit down with the boys and wait for your food,  finally it arrives and you all eat your foods. You guys decide to go to a little shop you told them about, where you open a clam and get pearls and make them into jewlery. Niall payed for you to pick a clam and you got two pearls! WOHOO!!! since you only wanted one pearl you decided to ask louis if he wanted one, but then you didn't since you realized Niall had bought it for you. "What do you want to do with it babe?" Niall asked while you were looking at the possibilities. "I'll get a necklace with the turtle and a plain ring with the pearl." you tell the guy. He makes it for you and you guys go walking on the pier. "Lets take photos " Niall says and you all group up. "Normal" Zayn says and you all just smile. "Sassy"Louis says and you all make conceded faces."Ratchet face" You say and all of the boys do duckface with a peace sign. "Cupcake"Harry says and you all cup your faces and look like your in pagents. "tounge out" Liam says and you all stick out your tounge. "Random" Niall says. For this photo you kiss niall's cheek, while he makes a derp face, Harry  makes a phsyco face, louis does a kitty face with the claw thing, Zayn smiles widley and liam crosses his eyes. You then continue walking until you all get tired and go back to the van. This time Harry drove home and you and niall sat alone in the back seats. "I love you" you say and lay your head down onto his lap. "I love you more" Niall says and leans down to lightly brush his lips against yours. The car starts and you guys are headed home. 

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