My Tall Leprechaun

In this fanfic, YOU are the main character!!! So when i need to use YOUR name, i'll substitute it with Y/N----- You were always a good fan of One Direction, and when you meet them, you become really close friends. You get really really close to Niall and you become the best couple EVER.


17. 1 day till touring!!

You awoke from your slumber not remembering a thing of  how you fell asleep. But then you remembered last night with Niall. You've never done something like that before it made you feel odd but happy. You then heard a snore escape from Niall's beautimous face. You just lied down and grabbed your phone and pulled up twitter. You decided to look at your feed, you were getting overwhelmed at all the likeness and fame you had until it  appeared, the hate. You knew it would come soon, but you never thought it would've been this bad; the comment read : I don't know what niall sees in her?? Is he really that retarded? Well obviously i would do him better than tht ugly whore.i hope she sees this. You felt your eyes beginning to water, you never knew fans of him that are supposed to be supporting him, would do this. You decided to just turn off your phone. You lied there sobbing, hoping you wouldn't wake Niall. But just then he awoke, you wiped your tears but not fast enough for niall not to see. "Hey! good morning" you say trying to sound cheerful. "Hey" Niall says and turned to face you. He just stares at you and it scares you a bit, "What?'' you question. "You missed a tear" Niall says and wipes it off with his thumb, "What's wrong?". "Nothing" you lie. "Come on, you can tell me (Y/N)" Niall says and looks you in the eye. You began to tear up just thinking about it. "Aw, it's okay babe" Niall says and hugs you. "I knew it would happen, but i didn't expect it to be this bad" you say and pull away from Niall. "The hate?" Niall asks sadly. "Yeah" you reply and wipe off your tears. "Please baby, don't listen to all that crap, okay? They're only saying it because you're too perfect to be true and they're jealous. I have to deal with it too, it's not easy but you'll realize people like them don't deserve your precious time" he finishes. ''You're right I mean, whatever." you say and sit up on your own."Well this is our last day here, so let's do something....I'll take you out to dinner, but first let's have breakfast"He says. "Alright lemme get ready first" you reply and head to the bathroom. You brush your teeth and put your hair into a braid. You go back to your room and change into some leggings , a red skater skirt and a lacy crop top and you put on your combat boots. You head downstairs and see Niall snacking on some cookies in the living room. You walk over to him and attack him from behind. "Woah, (Y/N), it's not time for dinner yet." He says once seeing your outfit. "What?" you ask. "Nothing, let's just leave IM HUNGRY!!" he says and pulls you outside to the car. He drives you to the nearest place, which happened to be Mc Donalds. He went through drive through, he ordered 2 kids meal, one for a boy and another for a girl, a large fry and a big mac. Once you got your food  you decided to eat in the parking lot. "LOOK YOU WERE IN  MY KIDS MEAL!?!?!?!" you exclaim happily. "Y/N, I am not a furby" he says with a serious face. "But you're so darn cute" you say and kiss him although he had fries in his mouth. "MMmm, I love kissing you when you're eating fries" you say and kiss him more. "Okay, you can stop now i don't want my fries to know i'm cheating on them" he says and makes out with his fries. You eat your kids meal and play with your furby while you wait for Niall to eat his big mac. He finishes and you guys head to your house. You run up to your room and lye down and so does Niall. "I love you babe" he says and lightly kisses your forehead. "i love you too my unitato" You say and kiss him on his soft lips. "Unitato?!?!" he asks with a confused face. "yeah, it's the combination of a unicorn and a potato" You say and smile widely. "Whatever, so what do you want to do?" he asks. "Nothing, "you reply. "Well that's the greatest darn idea" he says and snuggles with you. 





  Hey guys sorry for not posting, i have been too caught up with things. Anywhore i just got a twitter abot 2 months ago it's @jojohorann, if you'd like me to follow you just leave a commment with your username :) i know this chapter is short but i dont feel like doing much. OHEMGEE GUESS WHAT?!?! For christmas my sister got me Our Moment and i cried and she got me the largest one, she's now my favorite sister, lol. AND MY MUM"S PREGO!!! I'm so excited, since i'm the smallest one i've never seen my mum preggers so yup and i also cried then cx. Well hope hope you guys are all well and enjoyed your christmas or Hanukkah. BYEEE!! x3 



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