Love in the air (One Direction and little mix fanfic)

Hope was the fifth member of little mix there's Jesy,Jade,Leigh-Anne and Perrie we finally meet Perries new boyfriend but never told us one thing he was in one direction Perrie knew I was a directioner


2. Hanging with 1D

I was so tired from last night it's 1:00, I'm still asleep in-till Liam and Louis came in to wake me up. Liam kissed me on my cheek that's when I woke up.

"Morning sleeping beauty"Niall said from behind Louis 

"Where's the girls"I asked 

"Dates"Liam said 

"Oh I dislike being the single one out of the band"I said about to cry

"What kind of beautiful girl like u is single?"Liam and Louis asked 

"I don't know but I'm going to get changed"I said. Louis passed me a note "Sweet mall here I come!"I said, the boys walked downstairs I wanted to wear jade's wings outfit, so I did, I walked downstairs my bff Zoey was there. 

"Hope I missed u"She said hugging me

"I missed u too lets get out to the boys"I said and grabbed my purse 

"Okay" She said 

 We walked outside to the car. The boys, me and Zoey got in the car i turned on the radio because it was a quiet car ride "lets spilt up,"I said, once we entered the mall "i'll go with Liam"I said 

Liam came over to me "Okay lets roll"Liam said. I grab his hand and walked away to forever 21. "Your so perfect"Liam smiled looking at me


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