Love in the air (One Direction and little mix fanfic)

Hope was the fifth member of little mix there's Jesy,Jade,Leigh-Anne and Perrie we finally meet Perries new boyfriend but never told us one thing he was in one direction Perrie knew I was a directioner


3. Does Liam feel the same?

We walked in Forever 21 Liam held my hand, it was wonderful. I Wanted to tell him how I feel but I can't he'll probably run away that's why I was scared but I had to tell him one way or another so I spit it out "Liam i really like you more than a friend"I said. 

Seeing if he ran, he didn't "I was hoping you would say that your beautiful"Liam smiled 

"So you feel the same"I questioned 

"Of course, by the way are you free Friday night?" Liam asked

"Ya I am"I said 

"Good,well you go on date Friday and would you like to sleepover?"Liam asked looking down at me 

"Sure"Right when I said that a bunch of British fans ran towards us 

"Liam are you and her dating"Fans asked a lot

"No, we aren't, shes just a friend"Liam said to all the fans but I knew he was trying to keep me safe. We walked into Forever 21 and I got lost. They had cute outfits. I think I went overboard. We got all of my new outfits and met up with the boys "Lets roll"Niall said as he saw us 

"Okay but I call sitting by Hope"Liam said 

"I'll drive"Louis said 

"Shotgun"Niall yelled right when we got to the car 

"Turn on the Little mix CD please"Harry said, I just rolled my eyes then Niall put it in I started singing Wings tell we got to Nandos.

"I'm starving"Niall said right when he said that a girl I didn't know hugged Niall

"We missed you Kayla"The boys yelled 

"I missed you too"She said. As she saw me "Oh Hi i'm Kayla Niall's sister"She said as we shaked hands 

"I'm Hope Harry's sister"I said 

"Nice to meet you"Kayla said as she walked towards me to give me a hug I look at Liam then her i hugged Kayla she seemed nice, really nice. 

"So Kayla would u like to join us"Niall asked

"Sure i don't get to see u much so why not"Kayla said (A/n by the way if your wondering what me,Zoey and Kayla look like here we are


*This is Kayla 

*This is Zoey

*this is me

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