Love in the air (One Direction and little mix fanfic)

Hope was the fifth member of little mix there's Jesy,Jade,Leigh-Anne and Perrie we finally meet Perries new boyfriend but never told us one thing he was in one direction Perrie knew I was a directioner


1. Brit-awards

I was so nervous it was are first Brit-Awards an we are going with Perrie's new boyfriend I think I over did myself but it didn't matter it's Brit-Awards btw I'm from Doncaster and my full name is Destiny Hope Styles and yes Harry Styles is my long lost brother.

"Girls are you almost ready"Jesy Questioned

"I'm Done"Everyone but me said "Hope hurry up wait up you look better than us"Jade said fixing her bow in her hair then I turn towards then and they had there mouth dropped

"is it bad?"I asked

"No u look fabulous!"the girls yelled

"We should head out"Perrie said. Everyone nodded there heads. One Direction were waited for us outside and I froze.

"Hope!"Harry said running towards me

"Hi Harry"I said hugging him

"C'mon were going to be late"Zayn said. Perrie walked over and held Zayn's hand

"Shotgun!"Niall yelled

"I call sitting by Louis and Jesy"I said before anyone could say it

"Okay sounds good"Jesy said.

we started driving it takes 2 hours to get there "Niall turn on the radio"I  asked then did a puppy dog face 

"Okay princess"Niall said turning on the radio it was 'Miss Moving On' by fifth Harmony, I started singing then Liam,Louis and Niall gave me a Wow face

"What"I asked

"That was amazing!"All three yelled,  we finally got there Red carpet in time, we got out and walked down and everyone was screaming our names wow this was better than I dreamed. When It was time to go on stage with little mix we sang this song: 

It turned out to be a good night all of us won awards!

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