My Beautiful Friend

I am Louis Tomlinson's little sister Melanie. This is what happens when I fall for my best friend Harry Styles.


4. Ch. 4

It had been a week since I spoke to Louis. I had grown very distant from Harry and everyone else. I found it awkward with Harry because of my feelings. Harry had to go to a recording sessions with the boys. He asked if I wanted to go but I knew Louis would be there. I opened up twitter and started to read. One tweet stood out.

@1DLOVR: @MELTOMMO you are so stupid. you think that you are cool, and pretty, but no. you are ugly as fuck. Have you ever had a bf? Probably not, who you like a piece of shit like you. You will never be loved. Louis probably doesn't even want u as a sis. Everyone hates you go die you ugly fat stupid bitch!

I felt the tears fall. I got up and walked into Harry's bathroom. I pulled up my shirt. I poked at my stomach thinking whether or not she was right. I had finally let it get to me. It hit me like a train. She was right. No one could ever love me. No one likes me. Even my own brother chose his girlfriend over me. That girl made me realize that I was wrong. I reached into Harry's drawer and found his disposable razors. I grabbed one. I lent against the wall and sunk to the ground. I was sobbing, I help the small piece of metal in my shakey hand. I pressed it to my wrist. I shut my eyes and quickly but violently brought it across. I bit my lip to suppress screams. I went to cut again when the door opened. Harry loomed over me infuriated. I tried to hide what I was doing but it had already bled on the floor and my pants. He snatched a cloth off the counter and knelt beside me. He grabbed my arm with force but still gently. He pressed the cloth to my wrist. 

"Go away." I hissed. He ignored me. Suddenly I heard footsteps in the hallway. I froze. I saw Louis enter the room. He stopped short, his jaw dropped and his eyes filled with tears. Harry had stopped the bleeding he removed the towel. Harry picked me up without a word to anyone. His lips pressed together in a tight line. His face expressionless. He pushed past Louis and walked into his room. He laid me down and pulled the covers up. He leant down and kissed the top of my forehead. 

"Get some sleep baby girl." He whispered. I nodded and rolled over.

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