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Harry and I have always been best friends until high school. When he turned into the high school jock/hottie and I well I kept being me! The smart nerdy one who was bullied a lot especially by well....... Harry. I finished school early because of my grades and so did Harry because of the X-Factor. I went 2 years of not seeing him and those years were great for me! But then I received a letter from my high school saying there was a high school reunion. What will happen if I see him there? Will he be the same Harry?


1. Nicole Anderson :)

Heya! I'm Nicole Anderson! I am a nerdy but fun girl! I love my family and my besties! I was bullied a lot through out high school especially by a young lad named Harry Styles. I finished school early because of my grades and so did Harry but he finished because of the X-factor. Harry was my enemy throughout high school but my best friend from elementary-middle school. He became the high school jock/hottie and that's when he started bullying me. But I met some great friends like Ashley and Jessica! Here are some facts about me! Luv ya! xoxo Nicole

Besties: Ashley and Jessica 

Enemies: Harry Styles, Nikki Smith  

Favorite color: Teal

Favorite artist: Bruno Mars 

Favorite food: Mac and Cheese! 

Birth place: Hampshire, England

Birthday: January 11, 1994

age: 19

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