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Harry and I have always been best friends until high school. When he turned into the high school jock/hottie and I well I kept being me! The smart nerdy one who was bullied a lot especially by well....... Harry. I finished school early because of my grades and so did Harry because of the X-Factor. I went 2 years of not seeing him and those years were great for me! But then I received a letter from my high school saying there was a high school reunion. What will happen if I see him there? Will he be the same Harry?


5. Intro: The Letter

Nicole's POV: 

"Hahaha Ashley stop!" I said while laughing. "I'm not going to stop tickling you until you ask your parents if you can move in with me!" Ashley said while continuing to tickle me. "O- haha k I wi- haha ll" 

Let me explain, both my mum and dad were moving to Florida because they got transferred from their job, but neither Ashley nor Jessica wanted me to go. All week they kept bugging me on asking my parents if I can move in with Ashley since she was 21 and I was 19. "MUM! DAD!" I yelled. "Yes honey?!?" Both my parents said at the same time. "Can I ask you something?" "Sure honey anything" my mum said heading to the couch. "Does it involve money? Because if it does, Nicole you know I'm get-" I cut him off. "No dad, i just wanted to know if i can move in with Ashley please! I'll get a part-time job and ill help pay for rent just please!" I pleased. They looked at each other before finally saying yes! I looked at Ashley as we squealed. Since my parents were leaving at 6:00pm and it was already 5:00pm, Ashley said we should get my things in her truck and leave. I said goodbye to my parents, and when I was about to walk out the door my mom called me. "Yes mum?" "There was a letter for you in the mail, it's in that stack of papers over there on the table" "oh ok thanks mum" I walked over to the stack of papers and looked through it until I finally found one with my name on it. I didn't even bother on looking at who it was from, I just stuck it in my bag and left with Ashley after hugging and saying goodbye to my parents once again. 

*15 mins later* 

We finally got to Ashley's flat which was a big flat because her mom worked on the news and her dad was a lawyer. Ashley's flat had 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Ashley's room/bathroom, my new room/bathroom and a guest room/bathroom. I choose the room that was the color teal because that's my favorite color and it was just across Ashley's room. While I unpacked I put on my radio. "Hey girly, whatcha doing?" "Unpacking will you help please?" "Yeah of course, you sure do have a lot of crap" "thanks?" I said unsure if that was a compliment or an insult. Suddenly one of my least favorite bands came on.... One Direction! "Ughh I can't believe that dickhead got famous!" I said to Ashley while changing the station. "True!" Ashley said agreeing with me even though I knew she kinda liked them.

*1hr later*

After an hour of unpacking everything, me and Nicole sat on her couch "Hey Nicole?" Ashley said with a curious face. "Yeah?" I said wondering what she was thinking about. "Who was the letter from?" "What letter?" "The letter that your mom told you to grab" I had totally forgotten about the letter, "I'm not sure I didn't really look at the name" I told her while walking over to my purse and grabbing it. I read it out loud "it's from Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School?" I said confused on why my high school sent me a letter. "It's for a high school reunion" I said looking at Ashley shocked but confused at the same time. I sat down speechless next to Ashley. Thoughts going through my head like a tornado, the biggest question came to me and I didn't even know how to answer it! What if I see him there? What if he's still a jerk! "Ashley I can't go!" "Why?" "What if I see him there!" "Don't worry he's probably not there! He has a huge career Nicole! He probably either thinks he's too cool for that or he's just busy." I guess she has a point but if I do I will probably die right there in my high school gym.

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