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Harry and I have always been best friends until high school. When he turned into the high school jock/hottie and I well I kept being me! The smart nerdy one who was bullied a lot especially by well....... Harry. I finished school early because of my grades and so did Harry because of the X-Factor. I went 2 years of not seeing him and those years were great for me! But then I received a letter from my high school saying there was a high school reunion. What will happen if I see him there? Will he be the same Harry?


3. Harry Styles

Hey guys! I'm Harry Styles you might know me from a certain British "boy band" called One Direction! Umm I have no Idea what to say! Oh yes my life story! Before the X-factor I worked at a bakery and through out high school I was a huge jerk but that's what made me pretty popular I used to bully loads of people especially a girl named... Um Nicole Anderson! I don't know why though she was hot! I'm still pretty mean though but not with my fans or the lads just certain people. Anylou here are some facts about me! xx Harry 


Best friend/s: Louis, and the rest of the lads

Favorite color: green

Favorite artist: The Beatles and Elvis Presley

Favorite food: tacos! 

Birth place: Evesham, United Kingdom

Birthday: February 1st, 1994



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