One Direction/ Austin Mahone/ Justin Bieber Personal Imagine stories

This is my first imagine stories so please comment and leave me feedback/ and if you would like a personal imagine story Comment


8. i will do some soon promise

okay guys im sorry Im not updating at the moment, im really busy because I have started year 11 this year and its harder than I thought it would have been, I have 4 assignments due this week and a lot of homework on top of that so im trying my best to keep up, im not really even on my own one much anymore either. plus I also found out my cousin's pregnant and she has been staying with me and m family for about a month and a bit now, because her boyfriends dumped her after she told him.

anyway I will try to update if I can I promise, its just really hard at the moment.



P.S. please if you have time read my cousin's books there great, and mine to if you can I would like feed back on them and so would she.

my cousin's : @dani_loves_youXx

mine : tayjoyce

thanks again I will try to update for you all if I have enough time promise

-Tayla x 

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