The Rant (One Direction)

I didn't expect them to see it. Or react to it. I didn't really expect for any of this to happen.


1. Ranting

NOTE: I have this story published on other sites so there is absolutely no copyright. I do not own any members of One Direction (though I wish I did), and the rest of this story is complete fiction and has come from my imagination. I am in no way trying to promote any of these actions, it is simply part of the story. ALSO, MY USERNAME ON THE OTHER SITE IS THOSECURLYLOCKS, IF I NEED TO PROVE THIS STORY IS MINE THEN I WILL.  Lastly, enjoy reading :)



Chapter 1: RANTING


'Okay, look. Twitlonger time. Ranting time. Well, technically it's not a rant, I just kind of want to let out my emotions about everything, ha... ANYWAY. On to the sort of rant, yeah? 

So basically, I have no mother effing clue where to start. I guess it should start with the boys of One Direction. Gah. There's so many things I want to say to them, but look at me, I'm sitting at my computer making a twitlonger about this shit because I have nothing better to do and I feel like I'm going to explode if I do not say what's on my mind, and well, I can't tell them because I have no chance of meeting them. I probably sound insane right now. I've literally given up on even getting a follow on twitter. And I know that you all know how freaking impossible it is, considering their followers seem to love to go up 12941285091 every five minutes... I may be overexaggerating just a bit. I actually want to make a difference in this crazy ass perverted fandom. I want to be able to show all of you that you DO have a chance of meeting them, you have just got to be patient, and I know it's hard to. I want to show that whenever you do meet them, you have a chance that you won't be just another fan. But how in the hell am I going to do that? I don't know, that's why I'm currently typing all of this. But if I ever do meet them, I do want to tell them these things. I want to thank them for just.. Never changing. Over the course of nearly three years, these boys are still the same as they were back in the X Factor days, and if you've seen that sort of interview where they kicked off The You Generation? I'd just like to point out that yes, Louis drew a penis on that grown man's face on the cutout. So, in my opinion they haven't changed. They're still our five idiots. I'd also like to thank them for helping all of us, they've really made a huge impact on the entire fandom. Think of twitter. You know our stories. Some of us fans are depressed, were depressed, have thought about suicide. They've self harmed. Think about it. In a way, the reason that some of us are still even trying to stay strong is because of these boys. Because they're strong themselves, and they just mean so much to us, that we decide to try ourselves. 

Another thing. This is actually a legit rant right here, it completely ticked me off. So, I saw this video on YouTube, and it was supposed to be a funny video, a comedy, but... It wasn't. What that person was making fun of, I didn't find funny at all. Because you don't just make jokes about that kind of thing. 

So, this video. I don't recall the name of it at the moment, but I'd be able to find it easily. This video, kind of had just funny faces and all, probably the only humorous part in it, but the rest of the video just shut down everything funny about it. It was showing clips of 9/11, and then it showed Zayn as the pilot of an airplane. It showed him with bombs strapped to his chest and he said something like 'I'm going to run this plane down'. And it also showed the other members of One Direction doing similar things, but it mostly centered on Zayn. It's pretty much 'making fun' that he's a terrorist, which he is clearly not. Look, even if this video wasn't about the boys, I would still be angry, and still be typing this up. Just because of where Zayn's father is from, he shouldn't be classified like that. No one should. Just because some people from places such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, etc. are terrorists, it doesn't mean ALL of them are. News flash, not every fucking place is perfect. People are so judgmental sometimes and it just pisses me off.

Yet another thing. And I'd just like to say, I'm not complaining. I'm trying to get my point across, not that anyone will really take it into consideration. So, this is kind of a touchy subject with this fandom. Fans that are below age 14. All of you ignorant motherfuckers do not know what the hell you are talking about. I do not mean ANY offense to you, but seriously, this is the stupidest shit I've ever heard. Yes, some of them are quite irritating, but that doesn't mean ALL of them are that way. You were that age once, too. Why the hell are you so judgmental about it? 'They're too young for the fandom.' Alright, no. I know a lot of people below 14 who are mature and they know probably more than even you do. I mean, you guys think it's cute when you see a little girl or boy who is a fan of the boys, and you don't freak out. But then if you see a 12 year old, you guys are always putting them down. Who the fuck does that, insults someone that age? You're the ones who are being immature. And I'm not saying all of you do that, because I know tons who don't care what age they are. Here's an example. So a few days ago, Niall was at Greg's wedding, right? And a hundred fans or something crashed his wedding? I was scrolling through my timeline on twitter recently after it happened, and this one tweet caught my eye. "They're so rude why the fuck would you crash Greg's wedding stupid 12 year olds you're not welcome in the fandom'. Now, I agree that it was rude and uncalled for to crash the wedding, but really, 12 year olds? How the hell do you know they're 12? Even if you knew they were 12, this doesn't give you a fucking right to hate on ALL 12 year old fans in this fandom. 

That pretty much concludes my somewhat rant. Maybe some of you will open your eyes and see how messed up this fandom can be at times. Once again, not calling all of you guys out, we've all made mistakes, but seriously, get your shit together.'

And with that, I posted it onto my twitter, satisfied. 

But I didn't expect them to see it.


So, you guys. I mean absolutely no harm at all in this fanfiction. FanFICTION. This is just to start off my story, hopefully you guys will like it. I've always wanted to do a story kind of like this, but I never did, not really sure why. Feel free to comment, vote, anything really, it'd mean a lot to get some feedback :) If you'd like to contact me otherwise, to comment on my story or just talk, my twitter is @thosecurlylocks and my Kik is mwalker53



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