The Rant (One Direction)

I didn't expect them to see it. Or react to it. I didn't really expect for any of this to happen.


2. A Surprise

Katerina's POV

have really got to go to sleep. Well.. No I don't.. I mean, I can just stay awake the entire night and just be sleepy at school tomorrow? Yeah, why not. No. Sleep. Oh hey, look at me, arguing with myself. Just shut up..

I sighed and gave up, putting my phone to charge since my eyes were getting a bit complicated to keep open. As soon as I closed my eyes, I fell asleep, clearing my mind of anything and everything.

The next morning, I woke up to my stupid alarm. I was tired, but I knew in a little bit it would wear off, so I just crawled out of bed and trudged lazily to the bathroom, turning the shower on and starting to think about the rant I had posted earlier. Maybe I shouldn't have posted that.. I mean, it's not like anyone is going to read it, I've barely got a thousand followers. Should I delete it? Eh, I'll just leave it, no one will see it anyway. I finished up in the shower and stepped out, quickly getting dressed in a jumper as well as some leggings. I dried my hair and put on a beanie, putting in my contacts, realizing I was going to be late if I didn't leave in a minute. I quickly grabbed my phone and bag, slinging it over my shoulder and running out to my car, getting in and immediately backing out of the parking lot, driving to the familiar high school that I dreaded seeing every day. Normally, I would have spent some time on my phone in the morning, but I took too long today and had to rush, which is just great.

I soon pulled up into the parking lot, taking one of the slots and locking my car up, going into the school building. For some odd reason, a couple of the girls at my school were watching me as I walked through the halls to my first class of the day. When I reached my classroom and took my seat, there were still some people staring at me. I couldn't read their expressions, they were just plainly unreadable, and it kind of frustrated me.

The day flew by, and soon enough, I was sitting back in my car in the parking lot. I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and opened up Twitter, since surprisingly, I haven't been on it all day. I noticed I had a new interaction and or mention and tapped on the Connect tab, my eyes going wide as I realized how spammed up it was. What the hell? What did I do? My eyes scanned over the endless mentions, and I soon realized what they were talking about. My rant. How did it get a reaction like this? 'It's about time somebody has spoken out like this about the fandom, you have a lot of guts.' One of them said. There were some rude comments as well though, but I did my best to ignore them. I checked out my timeline and noticed that my rant was literally ALL over it, everyone seemed to be speaking about it, and my follower count had skyrocketed. This is insane! Is that why some of the girls at the school were looking at me? I didn't want this kind of reaction, I didn't want to be twitter famous or anything, I'm just a normal girl who spoke my mind. I pushed all of the thoughts away for now, and followed back as many people as I could, a habit of mine. My DMs were going wild, so I decided to read some of them.

I replied to a few that were nice, and replied to some bad ones as well, just saying a simple 'I'm allowed to speak my mind, could you please respect that?' And then, the next thing I saw literally made my phone drop out of my hands and caused my jaw to drop. After a few seconds, I got a hold of myself and scrambled, picking up my phone quickly and making sure I hadn't just imagined it.

Five messages.

One after the other.

Liam Payne (@Real_Liam_Payne): 'just saying a quick thank you, read your rant and i'm really touched at how you stood up for us and everyone :)'

zaynmalik1D (@zaynmalik): 'Hey, I'd just like to thank you for what you said in your rant, means alot :) x'

Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial): 'Aye, you've got mad ranting skills haha! Thanks so much!'

Louis Tomlinson (@Louis_Tomlinson): 'Wow, your rant really made me change my opinion on some people. Thank you so much for standing up to the people making such rude comments!'

Harry Styles (@Harry_Styles): 'Hiiii, just wanted to thank you for what you did today in your rant. Hope you see this, I'm sure you're getting tons of messages, and we all would actually like to thank you in person, if that's alright with you? xx'

What. The. Hell. Just. Happened.

Hey guys! So, I kind of abandoned this story for a while, but this one person I met today made me change my mind and continue it! I hope you guys like it, feel free to comment, vote, etc, I'll probably have the next chapter up soon! By the way, massive thank you to MeltedPopsicle for being my first fan as well as convincing me to continue this story :D Please go read her story 'The Lucky Pick (One Direction', trust me, it's not a waste of time to read :) -M x

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