One Night

One Night. One drunken mistake. Lead to Ariana having double trouble. *Zayn Malik Fan Fic*


1. “Hey, I remember you.”

Hey, I remember you.”


I took of my heels after the photo shoot I just had with teen vogue. I couldn’t wait to go home. I slipped on my flats and said bye to the photographer. He was getting ready for some teen sensation that had the honor to be on the front cover this month.

I continued walking and got into the elevator. There were more people in it but I didn’t bother to pay attention to them.

“Hey, I remember you.” Someone said from behind me. I turned around and met the dark brown eyes I remember I was looking into a couple years ago. . .

It was the night of the Xfactor finale. I remember a couple of teens had thrown a party that night. Apparently one of them knew One Direction and after the show they would attend too. It was just a high school party and of course after hearing that One Direction was going to be there everybody made sure they were there.
I, on the other hand, didn’t want to go at all. Because I would’ve had to sneak out because my parents certainly wouldn’t have let me go to that party even if begged. But my best friend Maddie convinced me anyway.
The second I entered the party Maddie had magically disappeared to god knows where. I decided against looking for her and walked through the party to see if I could recognize any other familiar faces.

“Hey Arianna, you came,” Peter one of my friends exclaimed the second he saw me. “I didn’t think you would.” He chuckled.

“I was kinda dragged here, but hey, I might as well make the most of it no?” I replied.

“Yeah, totally.” Peter agreed. “Here, have some.” Peter handed me a red cup that he grabbed from the table behind him.

“What is it?” I asked. I wasn’t just going to drink anything at this party.

“Just drink it, and go have some fun.” Peter said. “Seriously loosen up. You’re always so uptight and following your ‘daddy’s’ rules. Try it and go have fun. Go dance. You’ll feel awesome.”

I rolled my eyes at Peter.

My parents were really strict, especially my dad. But I still loved them no matter what. This was actually the first time I ever done anything my parents wouldn’t approve. Peter and Maddie made fun of me for being such a good girl all the time but whatever I don’t care.


After a couple minutes of Peter and I arguing over me and my good girl ways, I was finally defeated and I swallowed the drink anyways.

It burned my throat and it tasted awful. “Jesus, how many alcohol did that contain?” I said coughing a little.

Peter just smiled at me then walked away without saying anything else.

Oh my god, I need water

I made my way through dancing, heavily making out people and searched for a kitchen or anything else that provided water at the moment. The music was so loud that I could feel the beat as I walked.

When I finally made my way to the kitchen, I quickly made my way to the fridge and grabbed the first transparent liquid I had seen and drank it. Turn out that wasn’t water either. I spit out the last amount of it I still had in my mouth but by then I had already drunken half of it.

I put the cup back down and immediately felt like I was spinning.

I have to get out of here

I tried to find Maddie by walking through all the people loudly talking. Next thing I know I’m in the middle of grinding and making out people and somebody grinding behind me.

I turn around ready to slap the person but something stops me the moment I let my eyes meet his dark brown eyes. “Hey, I couldn’t help but notice you. Would you like to dance? You look great, by the way.” He said, voice slurring a bit.

A giggle escaped my mouth before I could stop it.

I freaking giggled. Oh my god.

He smiled a little which automatically made me smile too. He was really attractive I recognized him as Zayn from One direction.

Would I like to dance he asked. I mean it wouldn’t hurt would it? Of course not.

“Yeah, I would love to dance,” I said noticing how much I slurred.



“Ariana . . . Ariana . . . uhm wake up . . .” a voice that said.

 I didn’t recognize the voice which made my eyes snap open immediately. “Oh damn,” I said and closed my eyes again. It was way too bright and my head was freaking pounding.

“Hang-over, aye?”

This time I slowly opened my eyes and let them adjust to the brightness then turned in the direction of the voice. My eyes winded slightly when I saw who it was. It was one of the popular twins , from my school (I didn’t know which one he was though) . But what was he doing in my room? I looked around and realized that I wasn’t in my room. Where the hell was I?

Then it all came back to me.

Me going to a party. Me drinking. Me dancing. Me and the guy I was dancing with kissing, on a bed. This bed. Me having . . . Holy Shit, I lost my virginity to a one night stand.

I groaned. How can I be this stupid.

“You should get dressed and head home, I think your parents already found out you where gone. It’s like almost noon.” The twin said.

“Oh, my God. Did your parents see me here?” I asked worried.

“Nope, they’ll be back tomorrow so . . .” he trailed off.

“I’m so sorry for sleeping here.” I apologized.

He gave me a smile, “It’s ok, really. So . . . I’ll leave you here to get ready and go home. Oh! I left you some pills for the headache too,” he said then turned around to leave.

“Thanks,” I said. “Hey, wait! Which one are you?” I gave him a sheepish smile.

He chuckled, “Jason.” He said then left.

I quickly gathered my patties, bra and dress after taking the pills and vomiting once then put them on. I spotted my little bag and quickly grabbed then left the house. The second I turned on my phone, I knew I was in trouble. I had over 50 text messages and calls. Luckily my house wasn’t far and I got there quickly.

*End of flashback*

When I got home that day, my parents were definitely not happy. I was grounded and my phone was taken away. But that wasn’t what made them extra mad. It was three weeks late when I found out I was pregnant. When I told my parents they freaked out.

They demanded that I tell them who I had sex with. But I told them I don’t remember, because if I told them his name, Zayn Malik from One direction. They’d track him down and make him take care of me and the child. But I couldn’t let that happen. I barely knew No scratch that, I didn’t even know him. At all.

Months later I found out I wasn’t going to get one child, I was having twins. On September 12th  2011, I gave birth to two lovely baby girls that I named Emily Sophie Mossaretti (my last name,) and Elizabeth Marie Mossaretti.

And now one September 15th 2013 I’m standing again in front of the same guy. The father of my daughters.


“Oh, yeah, hi,” my voice shook a little but he didn’t seem to notice. He just smiled and walked out of the elevator with his other band mates.

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