Double Trouble

This is about a girl named Makayla. She meets the Malik twins. Zayn the sweet intellengent straight a student and flirty and very kind. Ed the bad boy romantic and sweet when he wants to be and bad boy usaulley and very rude and a great rapper. Makayla is a c student good girl but bad girl usaulley. She is very insucere and very diffrent. Her friends told her not to go near the Malik twins. But did she listen or did she not. Your have to read to find out.


3. A/N

Hey guys Its me. I love all you guys I need ideas for the next chapter with the dinner. I would love if you commented your ideas. I will pick the best. I would also like if you would be my fan. Tell me what you think of the first chapter. Bye loves and my unicorns :) Oh also I really want a co-author please help me find one. :) :() <3 Love you guys Bye

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