Innocence Lost

Maria lives in a broken world. Shades, beings that have taken over the world, have taken everything from her. Her home, her family, her world. The only thing that drives Maria to continue living is a beast growing inside her, pushing her to get her revenge. When finally given the opportunity to get the vengeance she seeks, Maria welcomes it with open arms. But everything comes with a price and what this mysterious stranger wants in return may be more than she can pay.


1. Prologue




I can smell them in the air, swirling around, coming together as one. Humans contaminated this area at one point, but the smell of blood and sweat is all that remains of them, even their bones have been taken. I can just about hear their screams echoing, full of such a deep fear, it is almost frightening.




Such strong emotions, they often get the better of us, taking over our entire being. Making our decisions for us and leading us in the opposite direction. The three of them are one in the same, cannot live without the other. We lust because we are greedy and when we cannot have it we are painted a deep shade of envy.




All innocence lost, there is nothing but darkness that clouds our world, enveloping it in a abyss of nightmares with no end. Do not think just because you are young it will not swallow you whole; they have no mercy. Not for the young, nor the old,neither the innocent nor the criminal. We are all victims, we are all their prey till the end of time. You must learn to survive on your own, learn not to trust anyone for everyone has a knife they want to stab in your back. But most importantly, never forget what you are fighting for. Why? Because that is all you will have left in the end.

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