Harry+Helen: A One Direction FanFic

Helen is a normal teenager, until the day she meets Harry Styles. Their love takes new hardships as Helen learns how it truly is to date a pop-star. Like dealing with fans, proving her love for Harry to Zayn, and stopping Liam's crush on her. She will have to endure these obstacles for her relationship with Harry. But does she truly want Harry? Read on and find out.


2. Helen+Harry: A Baseball Game Test?

 I smiled at his text the entire day. I just couldn't believe that I not only had Harry's number but he had mine written on his arm. I saw his interview and he didn't wash it off. He even talked about me in the interview. The lady called me "The Taco Bell Stranger" which didn't seem to bother me. I laughed when I noticed he had been wearing my PE shirt. We texted for the remaining day.
      When I went to school, I was ambushed by alot of girls, asking for Harry's number. I felt myself being stripped from my backpack and pushed amongst these girls. Then, my "body-guards", Linda and Kevin, entered to get me out safely. I say Kimmy standing will Belen and Mark. And I immediately was thankful she was okay, knowing she wouldn't survive a mob because of her small body. 
"Did you see the interview?" Kimmy asked. 
Im sure she was talking about Niall telling all of California that he had feelings for her rather than Harry and me.
"Yeah." Was all I could say since the bell rang, and I walked my way to Alegbra class. 
      The morning was unlike any day. I didn't get to fight with Victor over Najeli. Or get pissed at Cassandra as she teased me that her and Omar were going out. I didn't even get to daydream during class. I was immediately the center of attention. All of a sudden everyone wanted to be my friend. I couldn't take it, and I hoped Kimmy had better luck with the attention than me.
      Then I practically ran to biology, hoping to escape these obsessed directioners. I sighed as I sat down, putting my head down and hoping to just die. I felt my phone vibrate, and knew it was probably Harry. But I didn't get to reply when someone took my phone from my hands. 
"Omg, is this Harry..Awwwww he says he misses you. And that Niall wants to meet Kimmy again" a rather sqeaky voice said. 
It was Xina. 
"Yeah, hes...nice." I blushed at the thought of him.
"Class, today we'll continue talking about happiness and ho-"
I doozed off when Mr. Vargas started talking. It's something I've always done when lessons got boring. I would daydream or sleep until the lunch bell rang. 
      When I went to the first floor to meet up with my friends for lunch, I noticed the news vans parked all around the school. I saw the cameras flashing at the principle. Then I saw Harry and the eest of the band members standing near the stairs. I saw Kimmy eyeing me, hoping I would walk with her to Niall, who was looking for her. But we didn't need to walk to them. In a matter of seconds, Harry was by my side, as Niall was to hers.
"Hello, Helen. Aren't I glad to see you." he said smiling.
"Me too, Harry" I said angry that our conversation was been put on camera.
"Kimmy, I-" Niall was interrupted by a girl screaming.
"Let's go to the principle office, for some silence." Niall said taking Kimmy's hand and leaving.
I stared wide-eyed as everyone only turned to see Kimmy being hand-in-hand with Niall.
"Well, he's going to ask her out."
Zayn said with no surprise. 
"I like her" smiled Louis.
"I don't know, Niall rushes into things. I just don't want to see him hurt." explained Liam.
I gave Liam a icy look. Niall was in good hands. Kimmy would never   hurt Niall, how could Liam say that.
Harry seemed to noticed my anger and gave me a envelope. When I opened it I saw four tickets to a baseball game.
"Nice. Four?" I asked.
"Niall and I decided to take our girlfriends out on a double-date." 
Girlfriend? Holy Mcjeezus. He just claimed me his girl without even asking me. Was he this much cocky? I was questioning whether or not I should even date him.
"Girlfriend? You haven't even asked." I said without thinking.
"Calm down, for now were taking things slow. I at least want to be your friend before we can become anything else." Harry explained.
      Niall and Kimmy came out of the office bursting with laughter. 
"Niall is my......BOYFRIEND!!!" Kimmy said happily.
"I told her of the baseball game. Kimmy, you are coming, right?" Harry asked my friend.
"Yes! Helen?" kimmy asked excited.
I looked at Liam. And he saw my uncertainty. I didn't know if Harry was the guy I'd expect.
"Take a risk." Liam mouthed.
"Of course." I said happily.
I was setting myself for something I didnt think I could take.


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