Harry+Helen: A One Direction FanFic

Helen is a normal teenager, until the day she meets Harry Styles. Their love takes new hardships as Helen learns how it truly is to date a pop-star. Like dealing with fans, proving her love for Harry to Zayn, and stopping Liam's crush on her. She will have to endure these obstacles for her relationship with Harry. But does she truly want Harry? Read on and find out.


17. Harry+Helen: Let me be

*Helen's P.O.V

I hanged up with Seth and saw Kimmy running towards me. 

"Hel! What happened?" She said unable to breath.

"Sit. You know you have asthma." I said concerned.

"Who cares! What happened?" Kimmy begged.

"That's between Harry and I." I said confidently.

"No! Tell me!?" Kimmy begged.

"Let's go back. I'm ready." I said more to myself than to my best friend.


*Liam's P.O.V

I punched in across the face. I knew the boys would stop me after the first swing. So I wanted it to hurt really bad and make him see it everyday when he looked in the mirror.

"Stop!" Zayn shouted pulling me away and Louis pushing Harry back.

Niall sat on the counter finishing Harry's cookie. 

I heard Eleanor scream and saw Perrie run to Sophia. 

Great. Vacation ruined.

But I couldn't help it. How dare he? Cheat on her. HER. Helen!

"You're a piece of shit!" I said and moved away from Harry.

"Ow. Psh........bloody fuck!" Harry shouted and immediately got an ice-bag from the freezer and covered his right side of his face.

"Liam! You sure did mean that punch! Let me guess? Got mad at me cheating on the lass you wanted?!" Harry laughed.

I laughed.

I wanted so hard to make him pay for ever making her cry. But I couldn't let my feelings towards her show.....I was hoping to move on......with Sophia. But my heart still skipped a beat at the thought of Helen being mine. 

"I bet you're thinking of her now!" Harry shouted throwing an apple at me.

"HARRY! NOT THE FRUIT!" Niall shouted laughing.

I smiled. 

"No....Styles. I wasn't thinking of Helen. She's your girlfriend. I just didn't like that you'd cheat on her!" I half admitted.

"Stop lying you've always liked her! I saw it that day you left!" Harry said with pain in his voice.

My heart slummed. 

I didn't want to hurt Harry's feelings. Nor had I expected to fall in love with his girlfriend.

"Harry......she is your girlfriend. I--love mine." I said.

Sophia smiled and hugged my waist.

I saw Harry's eyes brightened up. 

But I knew deep inside I still loved her. I always will. 


Just then the elevator doors opened with Helen and Kimmy laughing. 


*Kim's P.O.V

Helen had told me what had happened. But I had brightened up her mood to say it was probably one of the boys, maybe Louis trying to keep the Larry fans in hope, but nonetheless I did have my doubts about Mr. Styles. 

We walked in to a awkward silence. Niall sat on the counter chewing on some cookie. I smiled since I knew he would tell the truth.

"Niall, what happened in here?" I asked in a harsh tone making his lips quiver in fear.

"Er...the apple fell" Niall said pointing at the apple on the floor.

"What the--" Helen whispered horrified.

"What?" I turned to her.

"Harry! What the hell happened to your face!" She shouted running to him and removing the ice bag to see a huge bruise on his eye.

"Nothing. love." Harry said smiling like a mad man.

"That ain't nothing. Who did that to you?" She asked in a sweeter tone.

I saw Harry laugh, "Liam did, babe."

Oh shit. Now something really was up.

*Helen's P.O.V

It took me a second to take it in. Then I turned to Liam who had Sophia wrapped around his waist.

"Why?" Was all I could ask.

His dark brown eyes looked deep into mines. 

"You already know why." He said.

Anger devoured me. What does that mean? Can you please speak English! 

"WHAT?" I asked again now showing my anger.


"Helen! Stop." Zayn butted in.

I shoved Zayn's beautiful words away with my hands and looked at Liam,"Continue."

"Helen, I can't tell you." Liam said taking Sophia's hand.

Fine then. 

I turned to Harry who looked at the ground.

"Harry? Are you cheating?" I asked feeling my heart ache at such a question.

He didn't answer nor look up.

"Harry." I asked again. 

"Yes." He answered and looked up at me.

I sighed,"Okay then." 

I had already cried. And I have already accepted Harry cheating on me.

"What?" Harry said in confusion.

I smiled,"Who is she?"

His eyes went wide at my reaction to all this.

"Helen are you okay?" Kimmy asked picking up the apple.

"Kim, it was the perks of dating a bandmate......." I said letting the words sink in.

Harry froze,"What? You--knew this would happen?"

"Come on Harry. I'm no Taylor Swift here. I'm no model. Besides there was no way this was going to last." I said.

His eyes looked for my pity but there wasn't any. 

"It was Kendall Jenner." He said finally accepting this was over.

I nodded. 

He nodded.

"Are you guys serious!" Louis finally broke in!

"That's what I'm saying!" Kimmy shouted.

"What did you guys expect?" Harry asked handing me a cookie.

"DRAMA! DUH" Niall laughed.

I smiled,"Obviously Liam already did it for me." 

I said shoving the ice-bag into Harry's eye.

"Hey!" He shouted and stole my cookie.

"Gimme back my cookie!" I said running after him.

*Liam's P.O.V

The hell? All I could think of was Helen's reaction to this. 

Were they still together?

Is this my chance?

What about Sophia?

Does Helen even like me?

Should I even date Helen?

These questions were entering my mind as I heard Helen shout at Harry. As I heard Niall laughing. As I saw Kimmy throwing apples at Harry. As I saw Perrie and Zayn settle down to watch television. As I saw Louis and Eleanor sit on the couch. 

But most importantly......

I thought this with Sophia's hands around my waist. 

I just prayed: Let me be with her.

The problem was I didn't even know which girl I was talking about anymore. 






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