Harry+Helen: A One Direction FanFic

Helen is a normal teenager, until the day she meets Harry Styles. Their love takes new hardships as Helen learns how it truly is to date a pop-star. Like dealing with fans, proving her love for Harry to Zayn, and stopping Liam's crush on her. She will have to endure these obstacles for her relationship with Harry. But does she truly want Harry? Read on and find out.


15. Harry+Helen: Babe K?

I sat in Harry's car waiting for Kimmy to come out and join us on the way to the airport. I can't believe I was going to Japan with One Direction! I saw Harry and Kim walking to the car as Seth texted me, "Take care of my sister.Love ya, Hel." I smiled. Oh Seth.

"Ready to go?" Harry said putting his seatbelt.

I nodded and we were off. I honestly felt pretty excited about going to Tokyo with Harry and the boys! Wow, I was living every Directioners dream! 

"What ya thinking bout?" Kimmy said shoving me from the back seat.

"Just how much fun this will be!" I smiled and Harry turned to me and smiled.

We arrived at the airport and was greeted by several flashing cameras and screaming fans tapping the windows with their signs.

But I saw them frown the second they saw me next to Harry. 

Why didn't they like me? I thought trying to keep tears from escaping.

"Let's go to Tokyo!" Harry said before putting on his sunglasses and beanie and exiting the car. He ran to my side and opened the car door for me and gave me a hand then assisted Kim.


"You SLUT!"

"Go die!"

Mean words. Great. I sighed and completely ignored the insults.

I saw Harry screaming at the fans but I had given up on them ever liking me. I understood I took something valuable to them: Harry. 

But what if I was just the lucky girl? The one that got to be THE ONE to date a 1D member.

They would never stop the hate. Not until my relationship with Harry ended.

I sighed and let Harry push me into the airport with Kimmy behind us.

"Kim!" Niall said running to hug his girlfriend.

"I'm okay, Niall." She smiled when they pulled away.

"Thank god! I swear I was gonna kill Harry if he brought you in all mangled to death!" He said a bit to serious.

"Wow, was there really THAT much fans?!" A beautiful woman laughed standing next to Zayn.

My jaw dropped. God, was she pretty!

"Babe, this is Helen, Harry's lass, and--" Zayn began but was interrupted by Perrie's hug to me.

"HELEN! I've been dying to meet you! I've heard so much! And I can tell we're gonna be outstanding friends!" She laughed as we pulled away.

"Er....OF COURSE WE ARE!" I giggled.

Niall cleared his throat," Perrie, meet my lass, Kimmy." 

Kim laughed and hugged Perrie.

"HEY! My girlfriend needs attention too!" Louis said waving his hands as he entered the airport.

"Eleanor!" All three of us girls shouted.

She laughed,"Am I that famous?" 

We all hugged her. Wow, we girls were a team. A family. I love this.

**5 hours later

"Hello, this is your Captain speaking and I am pleased to inform you that we will be landing in 3 minutes" the speaker echoed the private plane.

I turned to see Harry who was sleeping on my shoulder. He looked so tired even while asleep.

"Hey, guys. Guess who's picking us up fro the airport to the hotel?" Zayn said looking at his phone.

"Who?" Louis said covering Eleanor with a blanket.

"Sophia Smith!" Zayn yelled laughing.

"Omg! Really? Wow, I'm so excited to see her." Kimmy said. 

All eyes went to me. 

Again, with that? Everyone's been really, I mean really sensitive, about the whole Liam got a new girlfriend even though he hasn't said a word to me since he left that one morning.

I sighed,"What?"

Everyone went back to doing their thing. I knew they wanted some sort of reaction to all this. But I really didn't want anything to affect me. God, why couldn't I just say it?


I felt my eyes get watery but I felt Harry wake up yawning. I quickly wiped my tears away not wanting to get him all worked up.

"Morning, babe." He smiled with such a sexy raspy voice.

My heart melted at his voice, "Morning hot stuff."

Hot stuff? Really?! Cheesy!!

"Well, I really don't want you to move.....but I need to visit the bathroom." He wailed.

I laughed and moved spanking his bum as he walked down the isle. I sat back down and saw Harry's phone. It buzzed. Then again. And again.

I picked it up thinking it was probably Niall asking for food or something


From: Babe K

Harry! Babe, I miss you! 


Then another one kicked in.


From: Babe K

Harry? Leave Japan, Babe. Come back to me!!!!!


My jaw clenched.


Another buzz came.


From: Babe K

Harry! I need you! Come on, let's go out again ;)


I was furious. Again? Ugh. I saw Harry coming but stopped by to talk to Louis.

I left his phone where it was and sat with Kimmy.

"Where's Niall?" I asked.

"Persuading the Captain to let him land." Kim laughed.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Harry sitting back on our seat and reviewing his phone. Surely answering Babe K.

"Kim...." I started.

"Hm? What?" Kim answered looking up at me.

"HE DIDN'T LET ME!" Niall interrupted.

I laughed and got up and sat back again with Harry seeing his face.

He put his phone away,"Hey?"

"The plane will land soon.....better buckle up." Was the last thing I said before landing.

**Hey PEEPS! I hope you like it! I just thought bringing in some D.R.A.M.A would be fun! And who do you guys think is Babe K? I'll give you a clue: Hendall? 




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