Our Story

Love; a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.
Insanity; repeating the same mistakes over and over and expecting different results.
Integrity; completeness: the state of being complete or undivided.


9. The "Chat"

The beach was fun. We mainly just swam and we got ice cream after we were finished. We found the van and Louis decided he was going to drive so there would only be five people in the back. Liam and Zayn sat on one side which meant me, Harry, and Niall sat on the other. Of course, I was the one squeezed in the middle.

The ride seemed really short. When we got back to the bus, immediately went to my room and took a shower. It as about 9 when I got out. I decided just to throw my hair up in a messy bun and put on a t-shirt with my old gymnastic’s place logo on it and some orange nike pros on. I walked out of my room to see what the boys were doing. Harry, Louis, and Niall were all sitting on the couch in the living room watching some random action movie that I didn’t know of. Liam and Zayn were in the kitchen throwing jolly ranchers into each others mouths and seeing who could catch more. Liam threw one up in the air for zayn to catch but I ran in front of him and caught it in my hand and quickly shoved it into my mouth. “Hey!” Zayn said and looked at me I just laughed. He couldn’t help it either, he also started laughing. “Hey Rylee, can we talk to you…alone?” Liam asks. “Yeah of course.” Liam grabs my hand and leads me off to what must be his room with Zayn trailing behind. Liam sat down on the bed so I did too. Zayn just shut the door and leaned on the wall. “Listen, Niall is not the best at telling someone how he feels.” Liam started. “that’s why we need to talk to you.” Zayn added. “Look, it might be pretty obvious but Niall likes you.” “Like a lot.” Zayn said. “We knew he probably wasn’t going to tell you so we thought we should.” “Wait, what?” I asked, confused. “Niall likes you. Like, like likes you. More than a friend.” Zayn told me. “How do you know this exactly?” I asked. “We’re sort of like brothers now. We can just tell. He doesn’t act this way around other girls. Trust me, he likes you.” Liam said. wow. Niall Horan likes me.

 “Leeeeyyyuuumm!” Niall yells from the living room. Liam glances at me and Zayn then leaves. “Whattt?” we can here him yell from the hall. We both walk out of the room, following Liam. “What were you guys doing in there?” Niall asks curiously. “Nothing. Just talking.” “EWW!” Louis yells. “What?” I ask. “EW IT WAS A THREESOME!” “noooo!” Zayn, Liam, and I all yell in unison. Everyone starts laughing and plops down on the couch. Except for me.

“Do you do gymnastics?” Harry asks me. He must’ve noticed my shirt. “I used too, yeah.” I answer. “Show us something!” Harry yells. Gosh, he was hot. With his British voice and his sexy curls and his eyes, don’t even get me started on his eyes. “Theres no room in here to do it!” I say. “Hey the theatre has quite a bit of room!” Louis announces. Harry takes my hand in his and leads me to what I guess is the theatre with everyone following close behind. I glanced at Niall and I couldn’t help but notice the anger in eyes. It must be because I’m still holding Harry’s hand. I think. I let go of Harry’s hand and glance around. “How is this?” Harry asks me. “Yeah this is fine!” I say. Everyone clears off the floor and onto the couch. I walk to the beginning of the room and do a back handspring back tuck and once I gain my balance I look up. Everyone claps and Niall yells “Yeahh! that was awesone Rylee!” “Thanks!” I say.

The rest of the night we all sat around watching Footloose in the theatre. I really can’t decide whether Harry or Niall is more attractive. I mean Niall is so adorable and dorky and yes very hot but Harry’s curls and those eyes…

I lay in my bed thinking about the events that happened today. I mean Niall and I at the beach was amazing. I really did like him… and I found he likes me too! This was absolutely perfect.

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