The Connection.

It's about a girl that fell for teenage heart throb Harry Styles. She's special to the world in the future. But how is Harry connected to that? Read & figure it out.


3. Chapter 3.

Chapter 3   Harry's Dream POV   Zoë: They figured out that you're human. Me: Who figured out I'm  human? Zoë: The fairy guards. They figured out an inside fairy let you in, the inside fairy being me. Thy will kill both of us because I'm breaking the treaty between us fairies and humans. Just because I'm the grandmaster fairies daughter doesn't mean they won't kill me for breaking the treaty.  Me: What is the treaty about? Zoë: I've told you enough. If I tell you anything more they will kill your friends and family.  Me: Ok.... Zoë: Harry I'm gunna need you to trust me ok. Me: Ok, I trust you. Zoë: I'm gunna need you to jump off of this cliff. Me: Where did this cliff come from? Zoë: Stop asking questions just jump before they get you. They are right behind us. I jump off of the cliff.    Harry's POV (out of the dream) Zoë: Well good morning sleeping beauty. Me: Woah I had thee weirdest dream ever. Zoë: So did I. But I can't remember it. Do you want some brunch? Me: Let me take you out for some coffee and then we will come back here so you can get ready for the concert, alright? Zoë: Alright Harry. This is not a date ok! Me: (pouts) Why not?  Zoë: No offense but like I just met you and you're a pop star. If people see us on a "date" they will think we are dating and that wouldn't be good for your reputation, me being ugly and all. She chuckles. Wow she's beautiful, how could she think that she's ugly? Me: You aren't ugly, love. You're far from it. Zoë: Shuddup ya cheeky bastard. Me: I know you fancy me. Those posters don't help. Zoë: Harry.  Me: Zoë She pushes me against the wall and tickles me. How'd she know I'm ticklish? Not even the fans know that. Me: Zoë stop. (I said laughing) Zoë: Take back what you said! (She said still tickling me) Me: Ok ok I take it back!  She stops tickling me. Me: Now let's go get brunch! Zoë: Ok. (She says smiling) She has a pretty smile.   Steve's voice: Stop checking my daughter out! You're here to protect her not to fancy her! Just because you're a pop star doesn't mean you can have my daughter! If she starts to like you, then maybe I will consider it by she just likes you because you're a heart throb, so when she shows me that she genuinely likes you for you then you have my permission.      ----------- It's short I know but it's my birthday & I want to relax.    xoxo Zoë (:
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