The Connection.

It's about a girl that fell for teenage heart throb Harry Styles. She's special to the world in the future. But how is Harry connected to that? Read & figure it out.


2. Chapter 2.

Chapter 2   Zoë's POV Me: Uhm Harry Styles? Harry: It's just Harry. Me: What are you doing here & how did you find me? Do you know me? Harry: I came here to see if you were ok. My grand mum knew your dad's mum. I have met your dad & he told me to protect you. I know of you. Me: Protect me? From what? Harry: I have no clue but I guess you're very important in the future. I guess you are very special. Me: Special? Important? Oh shit you must be freezing. Come in. Harry: Thanks. Can we get to know each other over some coffee tomorrow or later today? Me: Yeah but don't you have a concert tomorrow or later today? Harry: Yeah, do you want to come to the concert?  Me: I would love too. I actually had the choice to go but I didn't want to. Harry: Why not?  Me: Uhm it's kind of embarrassing... Harry: You can tell me love, remember I'm here to protect you. Me: Well when I first started to like you guys, I had like the biggest crush on you (I blush) & I felt this like emotional connection to you. Right now it's really strong. Harry: (he blushes) You feel it too? & awh but why didn't you want to go to the concert? Me: Because it was useless if you guys wouldn't notice me. They weren't good seats either. Harry: Well you now have met me & you now have front row seats && backstage passes. Did I tell you that you're beautiful? Me: Me? Nah I just got woken up at 3 in the morning. Harry: Me & you both know you were awake on Tumblr.  Me: Uhm how did you know that...? Harry: You're a teenage girl it's obvious. Me: (hits his arm playfully) Oh shut up! Harry: Ow that hurt. (Smiles and rubs his arm) Me: Oh boo that didn't hurt. Harry: So I will pick you up for the concert at 5:30 pm? Yeah? Me: Sounds good. Do you just want to stay the night here? Harry: Yeah actually I'm super tired. Let me text the boys. Harry texting: To: Boobear, Nialler, Leeyum & VainZayn. Staying at my friends house. I will be there with my friend around 5 pm Mmkay? Harry: I texted them and I think they're sleeping. Me: Let me go get you a blanket and pillow and you can sleep on the couch.  Harry: Alright, thanks. Me: (hands him a green fluffy blanket and a pillow from my bed) If you need anything my room is down the hall and to the right. The bathroom is the first door on the left. Cups are in the right cupboard and apple juice or water is in the fridge, goodnight Harry. Harry: Thanks & goodnight.    Harry's POV Wow she's more beautiful than I thought. She's super sweet even though she almost hit me with a baseball bat. I hope I didn't come off too creepy.  I'm awaken by screaming coming from down the hall. I go and check it out. She said her bedroom is down the hall and on the right. I go in her room and she's shaking and screaming bloody murder. I wonder why her mom isn't waking up? I shake her to wake her up. She opens her eyes and her eyes aren't brown anymore they're black all the way around but once she notices me her eyes go back to brown orbs. Zoë: Harry? What's wrong? Me: You were just screaming and shaking in your sleep, are you ok? Zoë: I was? I've had nightmares ever since you became famous and well known.  Me: Oh is it from the connection? We will talk about it later it's 7 am, you should go back to bed.  Zoë: Stay with me? I'm scared. Please don't leave.  Me: Ok.  Zoë: No funny business. Steve's voice: Hurt my daughter and I will hurt you. Treat her like she's the most precious thing in the world. Hold her tight but not too tight or I will find you. Zoë: Goodnight. Me: Goodnight beautiful. I hold her tight. I can hear her snoring peacefully.  Harry's Dream POV Zoë: Harry follow me.  Me: Where are we going? Zoë: Don't ask any questions just follow me before they find us. Me: Who? Zoë: I've told you enough. Let's just say they can kill you, if they knew you were our enemy. Me: Enemy? Zoë: I'm a fairy and you're a human. Me: Fairy? Like tinkerbell? Zoë: hahaha no, well sort of but we don't have pixie dust. Me: Are you a good fairy? Zoë: Yes and I'm a very important fairy but shh stop talking because us fairies have good ears and we can hear a human talking from a mile away. Me: Sorry. Zoë: See I'm not talking I'm talking to your mind. That's how my dad can talk to you because he's the grandmaster fairy. If he dies, I take his place. I don't know why he wants a human to protect me no offense. I can only talk to you as a fairy when I'm asleep because I think this is just a dream and that it's not real but it is. Don't tell me I'm a fairy out of the dream world just yet because I don't think I'm ready yet. My dad will tell you when it's time but let me show you what I look like when I'm full on fairy. Me: Alright. She walks away from me and she disappears for like a minute but in the dream world it feels like she has been gone for a long time. She comes back with a short pink & black dress on, it's very sliming and looks good on her. She has her hair curled with a crown on her head. She has wings that are black. Her eyes are black. She smiles and her teeth are sparkling and she has teeth like a vampire. Her skin is very white and she has some sort of marking on her arms. She's wearing pink high heels that she doesn't even need because she can fly. Her ears are pointy like an elf. She looks like an angel.  Me: Wow.  Wow is all I can say because she is breathtaking. Zoë: We have to go. They figured out that you're a human. Follow me before it's too late. 
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