Right Guy: sequel to Wrong Guy

Harry proposed to Stacey! There life seems perfect now Harry proposed to Stacwy they are going to the same colloge but will everything keep on being perfect?


20. Our wedding

Stacey's P.O.V

  My 2 new best friends April and Paula were helping me get ready. Eleanor  was my maid of honor. And Paula, April, Lexi, Alexis, and Kate were my bridesmaids. They were also getting ready. 

  I walked down the aisle and saw Harry flashing me his beautiful smile. I was so nervous. I reached Harry. "I love you," he whispered. I smiled at him. 

"You may now kiss the bride!" The pastor exclaimed. He took me and kissed me for the longest time it felt like it was just us forever and always.

 It was time for the party. We only made it 30 mins, because Harry was too excited for our honeymoon, he wouldn't tell me where we were going. It was time to leave! Yay or no I didn't know how I felt I was excited I loved this. Harry grabbed my hand and looked at me "Are you ready?" He asked me. "Yes," I smiled at him. I kissed my mom and dad goodbye. "Take care of my daughter Harry," my dad remarked. "Yes please Harry we love you guys," my mom observed. 

  We got to a house. Harry picked me up wedding style. He opened the door and set me on the bed. I laughed. He went on top of me and started taking of his shirt. I started taking my dress of too. "Let me do it, get up," he observed. I got off the bed and stood up. He grabbed the zipper and zipped it down. He took the sleeves and put it down. He grabbed the rest of the dress and took it off. He slowly moved up behind me. He started kissing my neck. He kissed me all around then he took off my bra and my undies. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed. He slowly got on top of me. He kissed me and then made his way down to my neck. 

  Harry's P.O.V

 That was the best sex I had. It was morning and Stacey was making breakfast. "Good morning baby," she said as she hugged me she was in her bathrobe I kissed her. She was making tacos. "Yay tacos thanks babe!" I exclaimed as she put a plate down. "I love you," I observed as she put on some clothes. "I love you too!" She exclaimed as she kissed me. This was my life now filled with so much love I was the luckiest man on earth. 

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